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3 Great Ways Seniors Can Prepare Their Homes for Summer


A strong pest control service can help seniors keep their homes clean and clear of any bugs or rodents.

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Memorial Day is less than three weeks away and with it, the unofficial start of summer 2023. Warm weather and sunny days mean more time outside and more activities to participate in. This marks a great opportunity for homeowners, especially seniors. List of their homes. repair And renovations that might have been put off over the winter could mean pursuing them now.

There are a number of ways seniors can prepare their homes for summer and improve their overall quality of life—and they don’t have to break the bank to do so. While the benefits of each are unique to the individual, the following three approaches should be considered now that summer is almost here.

3 Great Ways Seniors Can Prepare Their Homes for Summer

Here are three products and services seniors should look into right now.

Medical Precautions

Summer days mean more time spent outside walking and enjoying the weather. For seniors accustomed to the comfort and safety of their homes, this may require security A medical alert system can provide. These wearable devices can notify family members or emergency services if you fall inside or outside your home But they can also contact the contact if you are unwell or need any medical or physical assistance. And they don’t just need to be used around your property. They can be brought along on trips to the store or any fun summer plans you have (careful providers use GPS).

Costs vary They usually cost between $20-$40 a month (not including initial costs for equipment and installation), though depending on the type and extra features you choose.

Get started now by getting a quick and easy free quote here.

Home warranty

Household appliances broke down. Some will require annual maintenance while others need to be checked and updated more often. If you cooped up inside for most of the winter and fall, chances are good that some of your equipment needs some work. This is where home warranty comes in handy. A home warranty can help protect you and your family by covering the cost of household repairs and appliance work. Home warranties may cover all or most of the following items:

Dishwasher Refrigerator Microwave Oven
Garage door opener
Air conditioning device
washing clothes
clothes dryer

For example, repairs to air conditioners can get expensive quickly. But a home warranty can help reduce these costs. Plus, you’ll find experts who are readily available to help you – no more scrolling online or asking friends and relatives for last-minute recommendations.

Home warranty prices vary based on the coverage you need. Get a quote in 30 seconds and learn more here.

Pest control

Warm seasons can be great. But they also mark the unwanted return of nagging insects and rodents. Fortunately, a strong one Pest control services You can help get this problem under control quickly. Pest control professionals protect your home from property damage courtesy of roaches, mice, termites and more. But, more importantly, it can protect your own health and the well-being of others living in your home.

“Cockroach droppings or body parts and other insects can trigger asthma. Certain proteins are found in cockroach feces and saliva and can cause allergic reactions or asthma symptoms in some people,” says the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). EPA) says

As with home warranties, the cost of pest control services will vary based on the work required. For a 1,500-square-foot home, you can pay about $300 to $550 for a single visit while quarterly visits range from $100 to $300. CBS News As previously reported.

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Bottom line

Summer is a smart time to complete some deep cleaning and additional repairs. For seniors, there are now some great ways to prepare their homes. This includes installing a medical alert system that can help them in and out of the home. It can be helpful to get a home warranty protection plan, if only to avoid any expensive (and hot) air conditioner repairs. Finally, a pest control service can help keep your home and property clean and safe, allowing you to enjoy a stress-free summer.

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