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55 Hours of Terror by Alyssa Mathewson

Hillsborough County State Attorney’s Office

Evidence photos depict a Florida mother’s ordeal when her estranged husband broke into her home and held her against her will.

In the early hours of March 11, 2017, Alyssa Mathewson was asleep at her home in Valrico, Florida. Two of her five children, 7-year-old Bryn and 5-year-old Grady, were sleeping next to her in bed.

An unwanted visitor

Trevor climbed through the window

Hillsborough County State Attorney’s Office

Alyssa’s estranged husband Trevor Summers – who was ordered to stay away from her by a court – climbed into her home through an open window. He enlisted their 14-year-old daughter Arden to keep that window open for him by telling Arden he was going to talk to Alyssa about reuniting.

Woke up suddenly

Alice's bedroom

Hillsborough County State Attorney’s Office

Once Trevor enters Alyssa’s house, he wakes Alyssa up with water dripping on her head. Alyssa says that Bryn and Grady woke up screaming when Trevor dragged her into the living room.

Alice’s scarf

The scarf tied Alisa

Hillsborough County State Attorney’s Office

Alyssa said Trevor then used various things to tie her up, including some of his own scarves.

Christmas lights


Hillsborough County State Attorney’s Office

Trevor also used these Christmas lights to keep Alyssa stuck for hours. Meanwhile Arden and his 12-year-old brother Landon were waiting in Trevor’s minivan down the street. They thought their parents would leave the house with Bryn and Grady and they would all go back to Trevor’s house together.

A careful drive

Trevor's minivan

Hillsborough County State Attorney’s Office

Around 5:00 a.m., Trevor ordered Arden to come inside Alice’s house and bring her younger siblings. He then asked Arden to drive the children back to his house in his minivan. Arden’s only driving experience was in the parking lot.

The children returned safely to Trevor’s home, where their 3-year-old brother, Cooper, was left home alone to sleep. Meanwhile, Alisa’s ordeal continues.

the pillow

Alice's pillow

Hillsborough County State Attorney’s Office

During the day, Alyssa says that Trevor held her hostage in her own home, mostly tying her up and sexually assaulting her.

At one point, Alyssa says, Trevor tried to suffocate her using this pillow and she blacked out — waking up minutes later with the pillow removed.

A strange confession

Trevor Summers Cellphone Confessions

Alyssa Mathewson

While at Alyssa’s house, Trevor recorded two videos on Alyssa’s cell phone. Alisa says she told him they were for her to give to the police later to prove she was at his house.

Leaving Alice’s house

Road Trevor drives with Alyssa

CBS News

That evening, Alyssa says Trevor loaded her into his own SUV, handcuffed her, and drove her to a Walgreens.

Drug stores are closed


Hillsborough County State Attorney’s Office

Trevor pulled into this Walgreens to buy cold medicine, which Alyssa says he used to keep her awake all day. When Trevor got inside, Alyssa says she was able to open the SUV door, run out into the parking lot and yell for help.

Trevor hurried out of the store, put Alyssa back in the car and drove away. But a Walgreens employee saw Alisa in the parking lot and called 911. He gave authorities the SUV’s license plate number and they launched a statewide search for the couple.

Alice’s wrist

Alyssa Mathewson showing wrist scars

CBS News

Trevor drove through the night. At one point, Alisa says Trevor stops and cuts her wrist with a blade. “He said, ‘That’s to get out of the car at Walgreens.'”


Tampa Bay Cos

CBS News

Thinking the authorities were now looking for them, Trevor drove for hours along the coast of Tampa Bay, eventually parking in a deserted lot. There, Alisa says Trevor sexually assaulted her again.

They stayed there until the early hours of Monday, March 13, 2017.

A second attempt


Hillsborough County State Attorney’s Office

Trevor Summers then drives Alyssa to a resort area called Little Harbor and drags her behind this dumpster. Alyssa says Trevor climbed into the back of the SUV and tried to strangle her with a rope.

“Do you have any doubt in your mind what he’s trying to do at that moment?” “48 Hours” correspondent Peter Van Sant asked Alisa. “No,” Alisa replied. “He’s killing me behind the dumpster.”

But Trevor stopped suddenly. Believing he had been spotted, Alyssa said Trevor quickly jumped into the driver’s seat and drove away.

Looking for Alisa

Little Harbor Carport

Hillsborough County State Attorney’s Office

Trevor pulled into this private carport in Little Harbor. “He took out the razor blade and he started cutting her throat,” Alisa said.

Just then, Alisa remembers the authorities surrounding the car, guns drawn, screaming. An officer pulled him out of the SUV, ending his 55 hours of terror.

has been rescued

Evidence photo by Alyssa Mathewson

Hillsborough County State Attorney’s Office

Alyssa still had the rope on her arm when she was rescued and spoke to law enforcement.

Trevor Summers was arrested


Hillsborough County State Attorney’s Office

Trevor Summers was arrested and later charged with 11 counts including attempted murder, kidnapping, sexual battery and child neglect.

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