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"beef" Star David Cho has faced criticism over resurfaced sexual assault claims

Netflix's Los Angeles premiere "BEEF" - arrival

Rodin Eckenroth

“Beef” actor David Cho is facing criticism for a resurfaced podcast interview from 2014 in which he discussed sexually abusing a masseuse, a story he later claimed was fictional.

Cho’s comments have been resurfaced in the wake of his role as Isaac Cho in the newly released Netflix show “Biff,” which stars actors Ali Wong and Steven Yuen in the lead and has received critical acclaim.

In the clip, which aired online in the wake of the hit Netflix show’s April 6 release, Choe gets an erection during a massage and has sex in front of and with the masseuse, whom he calls Rose.

According to a transcript of the video published by BuzzFeed News after the original release in 2014, Choe elaborately masturbated during the massage and forced Rose to participate in a sexual act she “didn’t necessarily want,” admitting it was “rape behavior,” but denying it. That he is a rapist.

The full clip of the interview from Choe’s podcast, DVDDASA, was posted on Twitter by journalist Aura Bogado, who tweeted Sunday that it had been taken down after someone identifying herself as Choe asked Twitter to remove the video on copyright grounds. Bogado also tweeted a clip of the interview on TikTok saying the video was removed from the platform for violating community guidelines.

In clips of the interview circulating on social media, Choi described Masseus as “half black, half white” and described being excited by the “thrill of possibly going to jail”.

“You’re basically telling us that you’re a rapist now, and the only way to get your dick hard is rape,” said the podcast’s co-host, Asa Akira, before pointing out that Choe answered “yes.” give Himself as “a successful rapist”.

Following criticism of the interview in 2014, Cho posted a statement on the podcast’s now-defunct website in which he denied being a bully and claimed the story was not factual or “a representation of my reality,” BuzzFeed News reported.

Cho, who is also a successful graffiti artist, released another statement about the interview on Instagram in 2017 when a mural he painted in New York City was spray-painted with the word “rapist”. At the time, Cho again denied that the story she told on her podcast actually happened, writing that she had “zero history of sexual abuse.”

CBS News has reached out to Choi, as well as Wang, Yuen and Netflix for comment. Neither Wang nor Yuen, who are also producers of the show, have publicly addressed the incident.


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