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CBS Mornings Deals: These stud earrings are 57% off

Exclusive discounts from CBS Mornings Deals

Exclusive discounts from CBS Mornings Deals



Genevieve Jewellery

This week on “CBS Mornings,” lifestyle expert Ashley Bellman shared several new deals, including stud earrings for 57% off. Discover this week’s exclusive deals below and visit CBSDeals.com or text “CBS” to 65000 to take advantage of them today.

CBS earns commissions on purchases made through CBSDeals.com.

Borosilicate glass vacuum holder and manual pump set by 2pc prep sealer



The set includes a glass vacuum container and vacuum-sealed pump. The pump is designed to remove excess air from inside the storage container, while its lid seals in the freshness. The glass jar is dishwasher, microwave, oven safe and freezer safe.

That’s 25% off the CBS deal.

Borosilicate Glass Vacuum Container & Manual Pump Set by 2pc Presealer, $26 (regularly $34)

SolaWave Skincare Wand



This skincare wand combines red light therapy, microcurrent therapy, facial massage and therapeutic warmth to help reduce fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, blemishes and dark spots.

It’s now 33% off.

SolaWave Skincare Wand, $100 (regularly $149)

Halo stud earrings by Genevieve Jewellery


Genevieve Jewellery

These 10.5-mm stud earrings feature a round simulated diamond, set in a six-prong setting.

On-sale earrings are available in platinum with clear simulated diamonds, platinum with clear and blue sapphire simulated diamonds, or 18K rose gold plating with red ruby ​​and clear simulated diamonds.

These stud earrings are now 57% off.

Halo Stud Earrings by Genevieve Jewelry, $30 (regularly $69)

3 + 3 Laundry Essential Oil Collection Wool Dryer Ball Set by Woolgies



These extra-large, unscented dryer balls are made from organic New Zealand wool. Dryer balls may be safe for people with wool sensitivities.

The set includes the Woolgies Laundry Essential Oil Collection, a blend of three oils. These blends are designed for use with Woolgys Wool Dryer Balls.

3 + 3 Laundry Essential Oil Collection Wool Dryer Ball Set by Woolgies, $22 (regularly $30)

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