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Jason Derulo tips the waiter $5,000, enough to cover a semester in college

A restaurant waiter at a Charleston restaurant in Omaha, Nebraska, created a TikTok thanking singer-songwriter Jason Derulo for tipping him $5,000 — enough for a semester of the waiter’s college.

The waiter, Jordan Shaffer, posted the video on Tuesday saying that serving the singer and Derulo’s family will be something he’ll never forget, while expressing his gratitude for the music star’s act of generosity.

“Hey Jason, thank you, you paid for a semester of my college. I can’t thank you enough,” Shaffer said in the video. “I hope you and your family have a wonderful time in Omaha, and I hope you see us again. Thank you very much.”

Before ending the video, Schaefer showed her followers the receipt that had a fat tip on it. The total bill including tip came to $5,795.

Derulo commented below the video that Schaeffer seemed like “a great guy” and thanked him for “taking such good care of our family. Spread the love bro.”

Derulo’s gesture adds to the artist’s list of generous deeds. In 2020, Derulo, with Actor Will Smith surprised Aiden Yelding — a 14-year-old undergoing chemotherapy for leukemia — with a virtual visit, according to CBS Texas.

During that time, Yelding’s father won recognition from people around the world for his efforts to bring awareness to childhood cancer.

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