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"Jilted ex-girlfriend": Tiger Woods’ lawyers respond to NDA cancellation allegations

Tiger Woods’ lawyer has disputed the former’s claim

Tiger Woods’ lawyers have disputed the ex-girlfriend’s claims


After Erica Herman Filed a case for cancellation of NDA Signed while she was working for her ex-boyfriend Tiger Woods, Woods filed a motion to compel arbitration on Monday, calling her a “leaning ex-girlfriend.” Herman is also suing the golfer for $30 million after he claims he was locked out of the home they shared in Florida.

Tiger Woods and Erica Herman

Tiger Woods and Erica Herman during the 2019 Presidents Cup at Royal Melbourne Golf Course in Australia.

Darrian Traynor / Stringer via Getty Images

Woods’ response comes after Herman’s initial filing to rescind the NDA, citing laws designed to protect victims of sexual assault and harassment. When Herman’s attorney was asked if her case involved sexual assault allegations, her attorney indicated “yes,” according to court documents obtained by CBS News.

But Woods’ attorney is now accusing him of acting “extraordinarily,” noting that he never publicly accused her of sexual misconduct, nor did he mention any such acts in his initial filings.

“Ms. Herman was not a victim of sexual harassment or intended to be protected by Congress when the law was enacted,” according to the filing by Woods and her counsel.

“Rather, Ms. Herman is an aggrieved ex-girlfriend who, rather than honoring her promise to arbitrate the dispute in a confidential arbitration process, seeks to litigate the particular claim in public court,” the document reads, arguing that Herman should abide by the terms of the NDA.

The motion filed by Woods in the Martin County Florida Circuit alleges that she ended their long-term relationship in October of last year, and that Herman responded to the split by filing a $30 million lawsuit against Woods’ trust as part of a settlement. attempt to avoid its arbitration obligation.”

The motion then alleges that if the lawsuit is found to be “baseless,” Herman filed a second action to void the NDA he signed in 2017.

CBS News has reached out to legal representatives for Woods and Herman and will update accordingly.

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