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NuFace Friends & Family Spring Sale ends today: Save 20% on this popular facial toning device while you can



If you’re looking to upgrade your skin care routine, you’re in luck. The NuFace Friends and Family Sale is kicking off with 20% off sitewide on the brand’s popular skin toners, serums and devices. Save big on NuFace’s popular facial toner device — a CBS Essentials reader favorite — or stock up on your NuFace skincare favorites to revamp your routine for spring.

Top products in this article:

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Nuface Trinity Starter Kit, $271 (down from $339)

NuFace Mini Starter Kit, $167 (down from $209)

NuFace is best known for its innovative skincare devices. Popular devices use electrical microcurrents to stimulate your face for tighter skin. The brand’s skincare products are designed to complement the devices for added hydration, radiance and firming.

Everything is 20% off (except Plus devices) during the NuFace Friends and Family Sale, so you’ll save on almost everything you buy. To help you sort through all the great savings available at NuFace, we’ve rounded up the best deals on top-rated devices, sets and more.

No coupon code is required to score this beauty deal. But hurry: These NuFace deals only last until Monday, March 6

The best NuFace device and starter set deals

If you don’t have a NuFace device yet, the NuFace Friends and Family Sale is a great time to get one. Start with one of these device starter sets to try out NuFace’s device system and compatible skincare products

Nuface Trinity Starter Set



The Trinity Starter Set is a great option for first-time Nuface users. The portable Trinity toning device stimulates the face with an FDA-cleared microcurrent treatment that promises to improve contour and skin tone while reducing wrinkles. The device comes in a kit, which includes a charging cradle, a power adapter, and two ounces of hydrating leave-on gel primer.

Nuface Trinity Starter Kit, $271 (down from $339)

NuFace Mini Starter Kit: $167



The NuFace Mini Starter Set is the most budget-friendly starter kit available from NuFace. It includes the NuFace Facial Toning Device, a two-ounce bottle of NuFace Hydrating Leave-On Gel Primer, and a power adapter. It’s even more affordable during the 20% off Friends and Family sale.

NuFace Mini Starter Kit, $167 (down from $209)

Best NuFace Skincare Deals

Friends and Family sales are also a great time to stock up on Nuface’s full-size selection of skincare items. All 20% off, with no coupon code required.

Nuface Aqua Gel Activator: $31



NuFace’s best-selling skincare item is the Aqua Gel Activator The lightweight activator gel conducts microcurrents from your device to facial muscles to help NuFace devices deliver desired results. The activator is designed to keep your skin hydrated for up to 24 hours.

NuFace Aqua Gel Activator (3.3 oz), $31 (down from $39)

NuFace Aqua Gel Activator (10 oz), $47 (reduced from $59)

Nuface Silk Cream Activator: $39



Like the Aqua Gel Activator, this product helps activate the micro current technology of NuFace’s devices. The Aqua Gel Activator focuses on hydration, while the Silk Cream Activator is geared towards firming and brightening skin.

NuFace Silk Cream Activator (1.69 oz), $39 (down from $49)

NuFace Silk Cream Activator (3.3 oz), $55 (down from $69)

Nuface Super Vita-C Booster Serum



Vitamin C serums have become one of the hottest skincare items of the year. Vitamin C is great for brightening your complexion, reducing wrinkles and evening skin tone. NuFace Super Vita-C Booster Serum contains vitamin C and niacinamide to reduce dark spots and brighten skin when used with a NuFace toning device.

Nuface Super Vita-C Booster Serum, $52 (down from $65)

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