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See how some amazing moms are making a difference

Throughout this week, CBS News has featured moms who are making a difference and highlight The the challenge Facing women of all ages.

CBS News received hundreds of emails and texts from sons and daughters, husbands, sisters and friends, telling us about their wonderful mothers, stepmothers and mothers-in-law. We hear about generous mothers, cancer survivors, glass ceiling-breakers and selfless caregivers. We have selected a few to share with you

Carol Kemper of Benicia, California

Carol Kemper is the definition of dedicated and selfless. As the eldest of five siblings, he is now the main caregiver for their 91-year-old mother. This is not the only way he helps those around him. Kemper runs a gym that specializes in workouts and therapy for people with Parkinson’s disease. He was nominated by his sister, Beth Huser.

“Some of my earliest memories are of her always caring for others,” Husser wrote. “He’s literally the most committed and loyal person you’ve ever met.”


Carol Kemper and her family.

Courtesy family photo

Glennie Brooks of Felton, Delaware

Glennie Brooks faced a language barrier when she first arrived in the United States, but her tenacity and hard work had an immeasurable impact on her daughter Johnsenia, who told CBS News that Brooks learned English to give her family a better life.

Johnsenia said that her mother taught her the importance of education “because she embodied the fact that education is not just a vehicle for achieving goals, but rather an experience of finding purpose and delving deeper into the motivation behind accomplishing said goals.”

Glennie Brooks

Johnsenia with her mother Glennie Brooks.

Courtesy family photo

Margaret Smith of Kansas City, Missouri

Margaret Smith is known as “Pudin” to her family and friends. Her daughter Latricia told CBS News that Margaret faced many challenges and always looked out for others. She spends her time crocheting baby blankets, handing out bottled water to those in need, and checking in on neighbors.

“Our mother still inspires us with her strength, love, faith and overcoming any obstacle,” Letricia wrote.

Margaret is also a huge fan of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes and likes to say she is the Chief’s unofficial grandmother.

Margaret Smith

Latricia with her mother Margaret Smith.

Courtesy family photo

Susan Lemons of Green Valley, Arizona

Susan Lemons isn’t just an amazing mom, she’s a trailblazer. Her family says she was the first woman to earn a bachelor’s degree in physics from the University of Arizona. Lemon has driven through gender bias and broken the glass ceiling. She was nominated by her daughter, Toni McGillen, who followed in her mother’s footsteps and pursued a career in STEM.

Lemon enjoys giving her children and grandchildren experiences that expand their knowledge and beliefs. McGillen says she’s “an amazing mother to my two sons … what she’s taught me.”

Susan Lemons

Tony McGillen with his mother Susan Lemmon.

Courtesy family photo

Judy Herzfeld of Yonkers, New York

Judy Herzfeld celebrated her “rebirth” in April after receiving a bone marrow transplant to cure her leukemia. During her treatment, her family described Herzfeld as “optimistic and relentless”. He continued to run the family architectural firm while facing chemotherapy. Herzfeld was nominated by her stepdaughter Jayda Vera.

Vera says her stepmother, whom she now calls ‘Mom’, is not afraid to show vulnerability but does so with poise and a ‘trusting smile’. Now that Herzfeld is in remission, she travels as much as possible and her upbeat laugh can be heard for miles.

Judy Herzfeld

Jayda Vera and her stepmother Judy Herzfeld.

Courtesy family photo

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