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This new Casper mattress is the brand’s most affordable yet



Casper, the popular online mattress-in-a-box retailer, just launched two new mattresses today The first, The Casper Mattress, is the brand’s most affordable mattress yet. The second, The Snow Mattress, features special heat-conducting technology to keep you cool while you sleep.

Learn more about this new, innovative mattress from Casper below.

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Casper mattress, $595 and up

Snow mattress, $1,495 and up

Does a good night’s sleep sound like a dream? This is a great time to buy a mattress — especially if your 2023 resolutions include getting more sleep and sticking to a budget. If you have a tight mattress budget, you should definitely consider Casper.

Casper makes some of it The best mattress in 2023. The experts at CBS Essentials are here to tell you everything you need to know about the two latest mattresses in Casper’s lineup, including which are the brand’s most affordable mattresses. Also, we consulted an insomnia specialist How to choose the best mattress We’ve got a wide selection of mattresses for you and for sale that you can shop right now

Meet Casper’s two new mattresses

Here’s what you need to know about Casper’s most wallet-friendly mattress and its latest super-cooling mattress. The brand’s two new mattress offerings are designed to rock and cool your body without squeezing your wallet.

You can try your new Casper mattress at home for 100 days, risk free. Casper mattresses include a 10-year limited warranty.

Casper mattress



This new mattress is Casper’s most affordable mattress yet. Inspired by the original Casper mattress, this bedroom essential features layers of Casper’s signature foam and premium memory foam, as well as the brand’s Airscape technology to help reduce pressure, stay cool at night and provide long-lasting support.

It’s the classic Casper experience you love, only at a better price. It is available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King sizes.

Casper mattress, $595 and up

snow mattress



This new Casper cooling mattress is a must for hot sleepers. According to the brand, it can help you sleep five degrees cooler at night — perfect for those prone to night sweats.

Casper’s The Snow Mattress combines flex coils with the brand’s ergonomic layer of zoned support and cooling snow technology. The mattress has built-in thermal conduction strips that wick heat away from your body, plus a coating with phase-change material that keeps the mattress surface cool to the touch.

It is available in Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King sizes.

Snow mattress, $1,495 and up

What to consider before buying a new mattress

Dr. Kristen Casey, a licensed clinical psychologist and insomnia specialist, told CBS Essentials that there are a few things to consider when buying the best mattress.

“Everyone has unique sleep health and needs,” Casey said. “It is important to evaluate mattress comfort, support, breathability, pressure relief, durability, and firmness. Additionally, the type of sleeper you are (eg, side, back, or combination) and your normal temperature (eg, hot sleeper, cold sleeper, neutral ) is essential.”

“Someone may prefer a medium-firm mattress with comfort foam over a soft one because it helps support their back pain as they sleep through the night. Others prefer a softer firmness because they don’t need pressure relief. Most importantly, evaluate sleep products for your routine. “An important factor to consider when doing so is comfort. Feeling comfortable helps induce sleep,” Casey explained

When is the best time to buy a new mattress?

According to the American Sleep Association, you should replace your mattress every eight to ten years.

To extend the life of your mattress, use a washable mattress protector. A protector can keep your mattress clean and dry, prevent mold and repel dust mites. The ASA recommends rotating your mattress 180 degrees at least once every 90 days for even more wear. If you have a double-sided mattress, you should turn it over as well. Double-sided mattresses are designed to be used on both sides.

Of course, if the mattress you own no longer feels comfortable, now is a great time to replace it, regardless of when you bought it.

Shop the best mattress deals in 2023

Don’t lose sleep over an expensive mattress. Let us be your mattress advisor. Shop the best on-sale mattresses in 2023 All of these mattresses have a four-star rating or higher and lots of positive reviews

Emma Sleep Climax Hybrid Mattress


sleep emma

The mattress has five plush layers for comfort and a layer of pocketed springs for support and cooling.

All Emma Sleep CliMax Hybrid Mattresses are 50% off right now.

Emma Sleep Climax Hybrid Mattress (Twin), $499 (regularly $999)

Emma Sleep Climax Hybrid Mattress (Queen), $799 (regularly $1,599)

Emma Sleep Climax Hybrid Mattress (King), $999 (regularly $1,999)

Classic mattresses available



Popular mattresses come in two different heights and levels of firmness, from plush soft to firm. It offers two layers of coils for pressure relief and a pillow top filled with memory foam. Saatva offers a generous, risk-free trial period of 180 nights so you can sleep on your decision.

Classic mattress available (twin), $995

Satva Classic Mattress (Queen), $1,695 (regularly $1,995)

Satva Classic Mattress (King), $2,120 (regularly $2,445)

Not into Saatva classics? Why not try Saatva Solaire? A split California King Solaire adjustable mattress offers 50 firmness settings on both sides and claims virtually no motion transfer.

Saatva Solaire Adjustable California (King) Mattress, $3,645 (regularly $4,145)

Nectar Sleep Premier Mattress



Nectar Sleep’s most popular mattress, the Nectar Sleep Premier, is its best option for hot sleepers.

The mattress is made with Nectar’s Dual-Action Cooling Technology, which reacts with your body temperature to help you sleep cooler. The mattress can be ordered as a memory foam mattress or as a hybrid mattress for an additional cost.

Nectar Sleep Premier Mattress (Queen), $999 (regularly $1,999)

Discover more of Nectar Sleep’s top-rated mattresses below. They are all sold out now.

Nectar Sleep Memory Foam Mattress (Queen), $699 (regularly $1,049)

Nectar Sleep Premier Copper Mattress (Queen), $1,299 (regularly $1,949)

Signature Designs by Ashley Chime Queen Mattress


Amrit via Amazon

This multi-layer foam mattress has a medium-firm feel. This is a great option for people with allergies.

According to the brand, the mattress is made with pollen and pet dander-resistant materials.

Signature Designs by Ashley Chim (queen) mattress, $333 (regularly $546)

Nora 12″ Medium Hybrid Mattress



If you need a new mattress, check out this deal on the Nora Hybrid Mattress. The mattress is 12-inches thick and has temperature-regulating technology, so you can get a comfortable night’s sleep.

Nora 12″ Medium Hybrid Mattress (Twin), $390 (down from $899)

Nora 12″ Medium Hybrid Mattress (Queen), $630 (reduced from $1,199)

Nora 12″ Medium Hybrid Mattress (King), $780 (down from $1,499)

Lisa Sapira Hybrid 11″ Queen-Size Mattress


Amrit via Amazon

This five-layer mattress has a breathable, perforated layer to allow air to flow, as well as a memory foam layer to help reduce stress on your back, hips and shoulders.

Want to make a difference in your mattress purchase? Lisa donates one mattress to a non-profit organization for every ten mattresses sold.

Lisa Sapira Hybrid 11″ (Queen) Mattress, $1,699 (reduced from $1,899)

Tuft and needle heirloom original mattress


Tuft and needle

The 4.6-star-rated mattress is made with cooling gel, heat-wicking graphite and breathable Tuft and Needle Adaptive Foam to provide a flexible sleep surface that responds and adjusts to you.

Tuft & Needle Legacy Original (Twin) Mattress, $491 (regularly $745)

Tuft & Needle Legacy Original (Queen) Mattress, $656 (regularly $995)

Tuft & Needle Legacy Original (King) Mattress, $919 (regularly $1,395)

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