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Tips for dealing with allergies as the season gets longer

Allergy season is getting longer

Allergy season is getting longer


For many, spring flowers are a welcome sight. But for the estimated 81 million Americans who suffer from seasonal allergies, the pollen is painful, and the season is getting longer.

Ryan Feaster told CBS News that he has suffered from springtime allergies his entire life. He said the season “definitely” feels long, “and I’ve been suffering for a long time.”

According to the US Department of Agriculture and the University of Utah, allergy season is starting 20 days earlier and lasting 10 days longer than in the 1990s. According to the USDA, the amount of pollen in the air has increased by more than 20%.

“Over the past few years, allergies have gotten unusually severe. The most important factor we’re seeing is climate change,” said Dr. Mohammad Yunus, an allergist and immunologist at Hackensack University Medical Center.

Pfister is now receiving immunotherapy treatment in the form of weekly allergy shots, slowly relieving her symptoms. But there are other options for people with less severe allergies.

“Many people have mild allergies that can be controlled by reducing their exposure, as well as taking antihistamines or prescription medications,” says Yunus.

People who want to limit their exposure to pollen should check the pollen count before going outside, and then change their clothes and shower after they return home, which will help remove pollen particles from their bodies.

Keeping windows closed at home and using high-efficiency filters in ventilation systems can also help.

Also, you should start allergy medicine at least two weeks before the season starts.

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