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Why you should get pet insurance for your dog this spring

Spring brings health risks for your dog that can make pet insurance especially valuable.

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Veterinary costs have increased across the board.

“The cost of vet services rose 10% in the past year, government data show — the largest such spike on record in two decades,” the Associated Press reported in October 2022. There is no doubt about paying for your dog’s health care Get the price quicklyBut for many pet owners, there’s nothing they wouldn’t do for their furry friend.

Pet insurance Can help cover the cost of your dog’s medical bills. There are plenty Reasons to get pet insurance now, and the fact that spring is upon us is one of them. As much as you may love the season, spring brings health risks for your dog that can make pet insurance especially valuable. We will break down these dangers in this article.

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Why you should get pet insurance for your dog this spring

If you start seeing green sprouts from your flower bed, now is the time to consider getting pet insurance. Here’s why your dog needs it this season.

They will be out further

It can be beautiful to see nature come alive in spring. But unfortunately, this introduces more potential threats to your dog’s health.

Some plants and flowers are poisonous to dogs and can cause everything from stomach upset to death. Fleas and ticks are more active in warmer weather and are more likely to be encountered if your dog is outside more. Even seasonal allergies can be a trip to the vet for medication. Pet insurance can make treatment for all of these health concerns more affordable.

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They will be more active

When the temperature rises, dogs (and their owners) are more likely to go outside to exercise and explore. While this increased activity can be good for their health, it also means your dog is more likely to injure himself than if he stayed indoors during the winter. According to pet insurer Pets Best, pet injury accident claims increase in April, reach their peak in August and decline at the end of September.

all Types of pet insurance plans, including the most basic, includes accident coverage. So if your dog sprains a leg or eats something it shouldn’t have, pet insurance can help cover the cost of making them better.

You will be spring cleaning

For many people, springtime means spring cleaning, which involves using an array of cleaning products. While you should always be careful when cleaning products around your pet (and, ideally, use pet-safe products), accidents do happen and time is of the essence if your dog gets into toxic products. You will be concerned enough to rush them to the vet; Pet insurance can ensure that medical expenses don’t add to your stress.

There may be a wait time

Many pet insurance policies have a waiting period before coverage begins. This is to prevent fraud by people taking out a policy soon after their pet is injured or develops a chronic condition (many policies do not cover Predefined conditions)

The average waiting time is nine days for accidents, 15 days for illness and six months for problems such as orthopedic and ligament problems. If your dog needs treatment during that time, it usually won’t be covered. So, it is essential Get pet insurance Before you need it.

Bottom line

There are plenty of options for you Buying pet insuranceAnd it doesn’t have to cost A ton of money. you can Get affordable pet insurance Shop around, check discount And ask your vet for advice on the type of treatment your dog may need throughout its life. When it comes to your puppy, chances are you want to do everything you can to give them the best life possible. Pet insurance can be a way to do that.

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