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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Conrad Hawkins


Conrad Hawkins, the main character of
The Resident
, is a skilled doctor with a tough attitude towards his work and a complex past as a Marine Corpsman.
The show explores Conrad’s relationships, including his romance with nurse practitioner Nic, as well as his involvement in the Atlanta community and his dedication to helping others.
Despite his rule-breaking and intense personality, fans love Conrad’s dedication to his patients and his role as a hero for the “little guy” in the healthcare system.

Though The Resident includes a wide ensemble of doctors at the fictional Chastain Park Memorial Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia, Conrad Hawkins (Matt Czuchry) is seen as the main character and the titular resident. Dr. Hawkins is an intense and arrogant chief resident who is known for being tough on those working under him and demanding the best. He also fights back against the bureaucracy of the healthcare industry, hoping to make a real difference as a doctor.

Despite his intense aspects, Hawkins endeared himself to audiences due to his skill as a doctor and his relationship with nurse practitioner Nicolette ‘Nic’ Nevin (Emily Van Camp). The Resident season 7 will not be happening following the show’s cancellation, leaving a lot of unanswered questions about Dr. Hawkins’ future. However, there are also small aspects of the character that fans might not be aware of and make for a fun way of revisiting the The Resident’s Conrad Hawkins.

The Resident
is available to stream on Netflix and Hulu


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10 Conrad Hawkins Served As A Medical Corpsman

Conrad’s Military Past Helps Explain His Strong Attitude

Dr. Condrad Hawkins talking to Dr. Jude Silva in The Resident

Given the way he can come off as rather intense, he is not the most open of people and aspects of Dr. Hawkins’s past are revealed gradually to the other characters in the show. Early on in the first season of the medical drama, it is revealed that Hawkins was in the Marine Corps serving as a Medical Corpsman. Fans could have picked up on that through Conrad’s rough attitude and his stern leadership tactics with new junior Dr. Devon Pravesh.

[It] not only shows his dedication towards his practice and his country but also prepared him for life at Chastain.

As a Marine Doctor, he spent most of his time helping injured soldiers, which not only shows his dedication towards his practice and his country but also prepared him for life at Chastain. This is also how he came to know and later befriend Dr. Jude Silva, who served as Nic’s love interest earlier on in the 1st season.

9 In His Spare Time, Conrad Hawkins Is A Search And Rescue Volunteer

Dr. Hawkins’s Life-Saving Efforts Go Beyond The Hospital Setting

Matt Czuchry as Dr. Conrad Hawkins talking on the phone outside in The Resident

Throughout The Resident, viewers have been exposed to Conrad Hawkins’s life-saving skills mainly within the four walls of Chastain Memorial Park Hospital. However, in season 2, episode 21, “Stuck as Foretold”, Conrad is seen volunteering with the Georgia Search and Rescue team. Conrad comes across an injured young man who had apparently been the victim of a homophobic attack by his friends. He treats the young man even giving him a blood transfusion.

It is made apparent in this episode that Dr. Hawkins regularly volunteers with the Georgia Search and Rescue team. It is another example of the doctor dedicating himself to helping people in any way he can. It also highlights the frustrations that Dr. Hawkins has with the hospital job at times as he seeks to help people without having to contend with the politics of the medical world.

8 Atlanta, Georgia Is An Important Part Of His Life

Dr. Hawkins Has Various Ties To The Show’s Central Setting

The medical staff of The Resident cheers their drinks at a bar

The Resident is one of many shows filmed in Atlanta, Georgia, but it also makes this a key setting for the medical drama. Not only is that where the fictional hospital is located, but Dr. Hawkins is made to be a part of the Atlanta community outside of work. This includes a storyline in the third season of the show when he signs on as a team doctor for the Georgia Revolution FC, the local soccer team. He took on that role to help the injured kids on the team and further contribute to his community.

It is also revealed earlier on in the first season that he might have gone to college in Atlanta when he is brought in to treat an old college professor. He also frequents the best local bars in the area and has proven to be quite a fond member of his community.

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7 Conrad Hawkins Can Be A Master Manipulator And Rule Breaker

Conrad’s Rogue Acts Are Meant To Help His Patients

Matt Czuchry as Dr. Conrad Hawkins talking intensely to Dr. Pravesh in The Resident

While not on the same level of moral ambiguity as some television anti-heroes, Dr. Hawkins has shown that he is willing to break the rules if he deems it necessary. In season 1, episode 2, “Independence Day”, Conrad manipulates lab assistant Noni Turner and tampers with blood samples so his patient can get a heart transplant. It is suggested that this is a one-time occurrence.

Dr. Conrad Hawkins has repeatedly shown that he will do what it takes to get his way and take a stance against the “rules” of the medical establishment.

However, it seems as though Conrad Hawkins is not one to uphold rules. In the season 2 premiere, he manipulates Dr. Pravesh to go against Dr. Bell’s instructions and treat a patient amidst a dangerous power blackout. In season 3, episode 10, “WhistleBlower”, Conrad lies about a patient’s condition to ensure they are eligible for a transplant. Even though he prioritizes his patients’ health in these acts, Dr. Conrad Hawkins has repeatedly shown that he will do what it takes to get his way and take a stance against the “rules” of the medical establishment.

6 Dr. Hawkins Was In Love With Catherine

Conrad’s Ex-Fiance Was Introduced In Season 1

Matt Czuchry as Dr. Conrad Hawkins talking to a female patient in a hospital bed in The Resident

Dr. Hawkins’s love life had been a central part of the drama on The Resident. One of the most compelling storylines of the series was his romance with Nic only for it to end in tragedy. Surprisingly, Conrad and Billie formed a romance later in The Resident. However, it was also established in The Resident that there was someone that Dr. Hawkins loved earlier in his life withthe revelation that Catherine Loy was his ex-fiance.

However, before Nic, Conrad gave his grandmother’s ring to his ex-fiance, Catherine Loy. Even when Catherine is admitted to Chastain in season 1, episode 7, “Lost Love”, Conrad seems to avoid talking about his past relations with Catherine until Nic questions their proximity. Though their relationship ended poorly with Conrad punching Catherine’s father at their rehearsal dinner, it is clear that they hold strong memories together.

5 Conrad Hawkins Was Insecure About Being In A Relationship

Conrad Has Ruined Past Relationships Due To His Emotional Immaturity

Nic kissing Conrad on the cheek in The Resident

The relationship between Conrad and Nic was a winning aspect of the series, but there were some rocky moments early on thanks to his immaturity. Despite being a charismatic and flirtatious jock, Conrad has shown to be pretty insecure about the prospects of a serious relationship. Matt Czuchry, who plays Conrad, even stated that the character was at times “emotionally unavailable” (via TV Insider).

It seemed that Conrad feared that someone couldn’t live with him.

When Catherine Loy resurfaces, it is revealed that the reason Conrad ended his engagement with Catherine was due to him believing that their marriage wouldn’t work. Given his personality and his tendency to butt heads with people, it seemed that Conrad feared that someone couldn’t live with him. It makes it all the more heartbreaking that he managed to overcome these insecurities to be with Nic only to lose her after they built a life together.


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4 Conrad Hawkins Can Be Quite The Politician

Dr. Hawkins Knows How To Work The Political Side Of The Job When Necessary

Conrad Hawkins looking skeptical in The Resident

Although he was very ‘anti-establishment’ in the hospital in the earlier seasons, Conrad Hawkins has shown that, when he is forced to play that particular game, he has more skill than many of his adversaries. There is a sense that Hawkins would rather stay far away from the political world of medicine, but pressures within his career have caused this to change. In the third season, when Conrad scrambles to get his job back, he is able to organize his rehiring by tackling hospital politics and leveraging head-on.

Not only does he prove to be quite cunning in his fight to be Chief Medical Resident at Chastain, but he also shows that he is not afraid of the politics of huge financial conglomerates like Red Rock. It is an area of the medical industry that he disdains, but that makes it all the more impressive when he is able to be so effective within it.

3 Conrad Hawkins Is A Good Investigator

Dr. Hawkins Used His Sleuthing To Expose A Corrupt Doctor

Dr. Conrad Hawkins talking to Dr. Hunter in The Resident

Though medical dramas like House MD like to use a bit of detective work in solving strange medical cases, Dr. Hawkins proved on The Resident that it is sometimes other doctors who need to be investigated. One of the most shocking storylines explored in season 1 of The Resident, was Dr. Lane Hunter’s fake cancer treatment facility. Nic and Conrad were the ones made aware of this and worked to expose Dr. Hunters’ lies.

Not only did viewers see Conrad use his charm and charisma in this mission, but also his investigative skills looking into Lane’s background and the legitimacy behind her practice. In the end, thanks to Nic’s perseverance, they were both able to bring Lane Hunter to the authorities and restore justice once more at the hospital, adding amateur detective to his already impressive resume.

2 Conrad Hawkins Has Two Prominent Tattoos

Matt Czuchry as Dr. Conrad Hawkins with a back tattoo reading "Death Before Dishonor" on The Resident

Though there are aspects of his life that Dr. Hawkins likes to keep private and outside of work, the does have some personal tattoos that highlight the things he cares about. Conrad has two prominent tattoos, one of the Staff of Hermes on his left forearm and the other of ‘Death Before Dishonor’ marked on his back which can be seen in the opening credits. It is a rather intense tattoo which link to his time in the marine corps and shows that value that time still holds for him.

The Staff of Hermes or “Caduceus” is often associated with being the universal sign for medicine (via Webster’s Dictionary). Although the meaning of it is highly debated, the tattoo, located on his left forearm, may represent his wholesome dedication to his craft. Both of these tattoo’s show the passion Hawkins has in his life for the values he holds dear.

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1 Despite His Arrogance and Casual Lawlessness, Conrad Hawkins Is A Beloved Character Among Fans

Actor Matt Czuchry And Cast Members Have Also Voiced Admiration For Dr. Hawkins

Matt Czuchry as Dr. Conrad Hawkins smiling in The Resident

Like many of the best TV characters, Dr. Conrad Hawkins is a complex figure who is flawed in many ways and makes mistakes, but is endearing to audiences for a number of reasons. Matt Czuchry considers Conrad as being “the hero for the little guy”. Czuchry said in a Fox promotional interview that the reason he had taken on the role was that he saw that Conrad ultimately wanted to help people despite his arrogance, wit, and tendency to go off-book.

In the same interview, Manish Dayal and Shaunette Renée Wilson who portrays Dr. Devon Pravesh and Dr. Mina Okafor respectively view Conrad as a kind and good person. They say that Conrad’s ability to always come off as a hero on The Resident shows that he truly cares about people and not the money side of the hospital. After all, Dr. Conrad did say “I don’t capitalize on people’s misfortune”.

The Resident TV Poster

The Resident

The Resident is a medical drama that follows a senior resident named Conrad Hawkins and other staff members at Chastain Park Memorial Hospital. The series provides a look into the practices of the healthcare industry that are frequently scrutinized by those who must participate, as well as the personal lives of the staff as they attempt to juggle an increasingly difficult work/life balance.

Cast Matt Czuchry , Emily VanCamp , Manish Dayal , Shaunette Renée Wilson , Bruce Greenwood , Merrin Dungey , Melina Kanakaredes , Moran Atias , Malcolm-Jamal Warner , Glenn Morshower

Release Date January 21, 2018

Seasons 6

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