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1000-Lb Best Friends’ Dr. Procter Warns Meghan She Needs to ‘Step Up’ or Go Back to Pre-Surgery Weight

A dire warning. On the Monday, February 14, episode of 1000-Lb. Best Friends, Meghan Crumpler tearfully told the camera in a confessional that bariatric surgeon Dr. Charles Procter Jr. instructed her that she needed to “step up my game” or she would go back to her pre-surgery weight.

After weighing in at 329.8 pounds, Dr. Procter had told her in a previous episode, “You’ve lost no weight whatsoever,” before adding, “You get one shot out of this; you can go right back to where you were before.”

“It scares me,” she told Dr. Procter, admitting, “because I don’t ever want to go back to where I was.”

However, despite Dr. Procter’s words of caution about her setback, Meghan assured the camera in a confessional that “I will do whatever it takes to never go back there.”

As Meghan exited the Procter’s office, Meghan was noticeably distraught as costar Vannessa Cross awaited to have her own visit with Dr. Procter.

“Girl, I had all kind of emotions back there,” Meghan told Vanessa. “He called me out.”

“I knew I was going to be in trouble,” Meghan said, as she wiped her nose.

“Meghan comes out. She is beside herself,” Vannessa shared of seeing her friend so overcome with emotion. “That makes me 10 times more nervous that he is going to flat-out tell me to leave his office.”

After Vannessa weighed in at 441.6 pounds, roughly 14 pounds more than her last weigh-in, she had an argument with her sister, Jakie, for bringing her donuts amid her weight loss plan.

“Any time I try to start a diet, eat healthy, any of that, my sister always has to bring in her f–king fattening foods,” Vannessa told producers after her tete-a-tete with Jakie over the breakfast pastries. “And this has been going on throughout my whole life, and I feel like if I don’t put my foot down and do something right now to change it, it’s going to continue to go on and I will fail.”

“I’m an addict, and an addict can’t have [a] little treat here, a little treat there. It has to be cold turkey,” Vannessa told Jakie directly. “Right now, I’m asking you: stop bringing fattening foods in the house. Stop bringing anything unhealthy in the house. Stop. … You’re killing me.”

1000-Lb. Best Friends airs Monday nights at 10 p.m. EST/PST on TLC and discovery+.

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