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Bop Shop: Songs From Stromae, Raveena, Orville Peck, And More

Paul Van Haver, the Belgian singer-songwriter-composer known the world over as Stromae, unveiled his new single “L’Enfer” this week during a moving performance on a French news program followed by the release of an equally powerful music video. “L’Enfer,” or “Hell,” paints a portrait of the artist’s mental health struggles, in which he reveals he’s considered suicide and recognizes he’s “not alone in feeling all alone.” This deep emotional honesty from one of the most revered artists in the Francophone world and beyond is much needed at a time when the COVID-19 pandemic has rapidly exacerbated feelings of anxiety and depression. During his interview with TF1, Stromae discusses the dichotomy of his joyful beats and dark lyrics, likening them to his outlook on life. “There are difficult moments, more joyful moments… There is no high without low, there is no low without high. That’s life.” —Farah Zermane

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