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Can The Floribama Family Leave Behind Their ‘Petty Bullsh*t’?

The MTV Floribama Shore fam has returned to their Southern roots. But is the familiar territory — plus a few farm animals — enough to keep the peace this time around?

During tonight’s season premiere, the roommates made their way to Athens, Greece Georgia for a stay at a fancy resort house (resident goats included). The crew opted to cast aside any unresolved issues after COVID and quarantine cut their Lake Havasu vacation short last season. Everyone — even Aimee’s new pet pig, Princess Goddess Piggy Tutor May Massengill Hall Johnson — seemed ready for a fresh start.

“We kind of left everything scattered and scrambled, you know, like a Waffle House omelet,” Codi said. “I think this vacation could be a clean slate for everyone.”

The uncertainty surrounding keeping the peace seemed to surround Gus, who Nilsa called a “wild card,” and his beef with Jeremiah. Though Gus maintained that any “lingering tension” is nonexistent, Jeremiah definitely had his “guard up” in Georgiabama.

“I can’t trust him anymore. The way things ended last year, as abruptly as it did, I feel like I’ve got some unfinished business,” shared the pineapple print-loving Jacksonville native. “It’s not gonna be about any of that petty bullsh*t. I’m not gonna be causing extra drama. If he brings it to my doorstep though, I’m gonna f*cking answer it.”

Gus, who even left the group chat due to perceived animosities, told Aimee that despite his feeling of “outsider” status, he’s hoping to “turn a new page” — which has already started with his brand-new hog (not to be confused with PGP).

“I’m hoping to leave behind everything that’s happened in the past. I definitely harped on the past; I didn’t know how to let things go at that point in time,” he said. “I’d hope that my roommates can see that I’m in a better spot mentally and we can move on from it.”

While Aimee assured Gus that he “will always be family,” she confessed, “I will sh*t my pants if I see Gus and Jeremiah hug it out by the end of this vacation.”

Codi’s advice? “I think if Jeremiah would accept Gus for who he is and Gus would accept Jeremiah for who they are, then we’ll be fine.”

Guess time will tell if they’ll actually be fine. Tune in to MTV Floribama Shore next Thursday at 8/7c to find out!

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