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Carole Baskin's Reaction To Joe Vs. Carole Isn't What You'd Expect

In an interview with Metro shared by ET Canada, Carole Baskin appeared to take her role as a partial punchline in stride. She told the outlet, “My husband and I look forward to seeing Kate McKinnon and Kyle McLaughlin’s portrayal of us,” she said, adding, “Both are talented actors and I expect ‘Joe vs. Carole’ will be a lot more entertaining than the situation was in real life.” 

Despite her acceptance of the parodic approach, Baskin didn’t miss an opportunity to simultaneously give her critique of the phenomenon while putting in a good word for her own series on Discovery+. “As with … all of the other spinoffs,” she said, “none of these programs created for entertainment value really get at the main issues of big cat and cub abuse and the imminent extinction of big cats due to cub petting like we do in Discovery+[‘s] ‘Carole Baskin’s Cage Fight.'”

Baskin went on to say she feels the public’s morbid fascination with “the plight” of her ex-husband will distract viewers from the environmental issue at hand, and that by 2027, “we will have reached the point of no return for the planet by failing to safeguard the world’s most iconic species.”

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