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Conor McGregor’s Road House Remake Success Is The Perfect Audition For $7 Billion Action Movie Franchise

Warning! This article contains spoilers for Road House (2024).


McGregor’s debut in Road House showcases his potential as a compelling villain, adding authenticity to the character’s intensity and energy.
The success of the Road House remake proves that remakes of cult classics can work out well, with positive reviews and well-choreographed action scenes.
With McGregor’s screen presence and charisma shining through, he could be a fitting addition to the Fast & Furious franchise as a quirky and over-the-top villain in Fast & Furious 11.

The Road House remake’s success proves that Conor McGregor needs to be a part of a $7 billion action franchise. Despite initially meeting a lot of skepticism from viewers and critics, the Road House remake is receiving positive reviews after its release, affirming that remakes of cult classics can sometimes work out quite well. Other than being praised for some of its story changes from the original Road House, the film is also garnering appreciation for its well-choreographed action scenes.

Many are also commending Jake Gyllenhaal for using his acting forte to make his character appear a lot more multilayered and nuanced than he is on paper. However, surprisingly, one star in the film seems to be getting even more attention than Jake Gyllenhaal: Conor McGregor. Despite making his acting debut with the film, McGregor puts up a performance that makes it hard not to imagine him in another renowned action movie franchise.


How Much Conor McGregor Was Paid For Road House

Conor McGregor has made millions in his UFC career. But how much has he made in his acting debut in the new Prime Video remake of Road House?

Road House Proves Conor McGregor Would Be A Fun & Compelling Villain For The Fast & Furious Franchise

Conor McGregor’s acting debut in Road House will not be hailed as an award-winning performance. Audiences who do not know about his past in the UFC will not even mistake him as an experienced actor. However, despite being rough on the edges with his portrayal of Knox in Road House, McGregor manages to have a good screen presence in every scene he shows up in. His natural off-screen charisma and larger-than-life demeanor shine through every time he appears in Road House, lending an air of authenticity to his portrayal of Knox.

McGregor effectively brings enough intensity and energy to the character to make him look like a formidable villain against Gyllenhaal’s almost invincible Dalton.

Knox, is a fairly one-dimensional antagonist in the Road House remake, lacking the narrative layers that Jake Gyllenhaal’s Dalton seems to have. However, McGregor effectively brings enough intensity and energy to the character to make him look like a formidable villain against Gyllenhaal’s almost invincible Dalton. Not to mention, in Road House’s slambang action scenes, Conor McGregor’s experience as a professional fighter also comes in handy as he puts his skills on full display, making the hand-to-hand fights seem more believable and immersive.

Conor McGregor Joining Fast & Furious 11 Would Follow The Franchise’s Recent Villain Trend

Conor McGregor holds a wooden stake while shirtless in Road House

Now that Conor McGregor has proven he is capable of portraying compelling movie villains, it is hard not to wonder if he would be a good fit for the Fast & Furious franchise. In recent installments, especially Fast X, the Fast & Furious movies have been experimenting with weird and campy villains like Jason Momoa’s Dante. Given how Conor McGregor’s Knox in Road House is also equally electric and outlandish as an antagonist, Fast & Furious 11 can have him on board as one of its primary antagonists, continuing its trend of presenting quirky and over-the-top villains.

Road House

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Road House (2024)

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Road House is a remake of the original 1989 film, which followed protagonist Dalton, a Ph.D. educated bouncer at the roughest bar in the south known as the Double Deuce. Jake Gyllenhaal stars as Dalton, with two major changes including Dalton being a retired UFC fighter and the bar locale being in the Florida Keys.

Director Doug Liman

Release Date March 21, 2024

Studio(s) Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer , Silver Pictures

Distributor(s) Prime Video

Writers Anthony Bagarozzi , Charles Mondry , David Lee Henry

Cast Jake Gyllenhaal , Daniela Melchior , Billy Magnussen , Jessica Williams , Joaquim De Almeida , Conor McGregor , Lukas Gage , Arturo Castro , B.K. Cannon , Beau Knapp , Darren Barnet , Dominique Columbus , Bob Menery

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