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DC’s Iconic “Death of Superman” Cover Gets an Ominous Twist in Official New Art


Brainiac Queen emerges as a formidable adversary in
Action Comics
#1066, posing a new threat to Superman and his family.
Rivera’s variant cover for the comic hints at a tragic showdown, echoing the iconic
The Death of Superman
cover imagery.
DC may be preparing to elevate Brainiac’s threat level to rival that of Doomsday’s.

The Death of Superman cover stands as one of the most iconic comic book covers in history, depicting Superman’s broken and battered body being cradled by a weeping Lois Lane following a fatal clash with Doomsday. Newly released art for an upcoming comic appears to revisit this poignant moment, offering a twist that could foreshadow future developments in the Man of Steel’s ongoing storyline.

On June 18, 2024, Joshua Williamson and Rafa Sandoval’s Action Comics #1066 will continue the House of Brainiac story arc, introducing the formidable Brainiac Queen, Brainiac’s ultimate creation. The queen is poised to unleash cosmic horrors upon Superman and his family, presenting challenges unlike any they’ve faced before.

ACTION COMICS #1066 (2024)

Release Date:

June 18, 2024


Joshua Williamson


Rafa Sandoval

Cover Artist:

Rafa Sandoval & Alejandro Sánchez

Variant Covers:

Jorge Jiménez, Paolo Rivera, Betsy Cola, and Mark Spears

Now that Brainiac has created his masterpiece, all bets are off, and Superman and his family are witness to a cosmic horror unlike anything they’ve ever seen. As we learn the true history of Brainiac, the main man, Lobo, must choose what side he is on before all hell breaks loose!

With the ominous hints from both the synopsis and cover art for the issue, it’s evident that Brainiac Queen will emerge as one of Kal-El’s most formidable adversaries yet. This sentiment is reinforced by Paolo Rivera’s variant cover, which chillingly portrays Superman lying lifeless at her feet (see the cover below).

Queen Brainiac Kills Superman in Cover Art for Action Comics #1066

Action Comics #1066 Superman dead at the feet of Brainiac Queen

Rivera’s variant cover for the upcoming comic evokes a profound sense of tragedy, portraying a defeated Superman lying broken at the feet of Brainiac Queen. With a stance exuding triumph, the queen looms above Superman, raising his tattered cape with one clawed hand. Despite bearing a visage that resembles that of an organic being, Brainiac Queen appears wholly robotic, her lithe yet deadly body a technological masterpiece. The bleak scene unfolds within Brainiac’s ship, as indicated by the surroundings. However, despite the introduction of a new villain and setting, this scene bears an eerie resemblance to another iconic comic cover.

The imagery depicted in the cover art for Action Comics #1066 bears a striking resemblance to the cover of Superman: The Death of Superman, created by Dan Jurgens, Louise Jones Simonson, Glenn Whitmore, and others. Much like Rivera’s rendition, The Death of Superman cover portrays the lifeless body of Kal-El with his tattered cape serving as a focal point. Despite the absence of Lois Lane and the inclusion of Brainiac Queen in the Action Comics cover, there is a strong parallel to the iconic cover art of The Death of Superman, crafted by Jon Bogdanove, Dennis Janke, and Reuben Rude.

Brainiac Could Become the Next Doomsday in House of Brainiac Story Arc

The Death of Superman cover

Since the iconic The Death of Superman storyline, Doomsday has been widely regarded as one of Kal-El’s most formidable adversaries, as he achieved what countless villains had failed to do—kill Superman. However, if Rivera’s variant cover holds any truth, it appears that DC is preparing to elevate Brainiac’s threat level to rival that of Doomsday. While it wouldn’t be unexpected for Brainiac to nearly kill Kal-El, given the extensive buildup to the House of Brainiac story arc, it would be astonishing if Brainiac were to replicate Doomsday’s feat and actually succeed in killing Superman.

Action Comics #1066 will be released on June 18, 2024, from DC Comics!

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