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Did Snooki And Angelina Make Nice (Again) On The Family Vacation Finale?

Despite a few crabcakes in Angelina’s hair hiccups, the Jersey Shore fam’s Pennsylvania vacation wound up being “a great success.”

Tonight’s Jersey Shore: Family Vacation season finale saw the gang gearing up for their next round of major life milestones, including not one, but two babies. Following, shall we say, an eventful birthday bash for JWOWW, the festivities continued with a dual baby shower honoring Mike and Lauren’s babe and Deena’s second child.

And because it seems like someone is always bickering, a side of amends was on the menu. Snooki, who didn’t remember a whole heck of a lot from her downward Dren spiral the night before, made it a point to apologize to Angelina for anything inappropriate that she Dren may have said or done.

“It just sucks that there has to be a sit-down at all. I did not want last night to even happen, but listen, it’s better to do it before we leave here than to keep this dragging on for 10 months,” Ang said, seemingly having learned a little something from Speechgate.

While there were no dirty martinis to soften the sorries, Nicole still owned up to being “an assh*le.”

“Dren is not me; I am a very kind and nice person,” she said.

Meanwhile, Mike and Lauren and everybody else in the world has already known the gender of their baby for a hot minute (did we mention it’s a boy?), but the Situation insisted on his own personal gender reveal, Big Daddy Sitch-style: a “rematch of BDS vs. the wall [in Italy].”

Cue Laurens: “So the fact that this guy wants to reenact running through a wall in celebration of our gender reveal… like, am I the only one that thinks this is crazy?”

Clearly not crazy enough to stop the Sitch from crashing through a makeshift wall filled with blue powder — it’s a boy (again)! Nevertheless, all was well, or so we thought… until Angelina shot her husband in the face with a blue confetti cannon, practically blinding him. Though perhaps it was the wakeup call their struggling marriage needed?

“I’m hoping that when Chris and I get home, we can figure our sh*t out and go to therapy, and things will get better,” Angelina said. “I’m really praying for the best.”

Speaking of couples, an engaged JWOWW is excited to plan her wedding with Zack (aka 24), and Pauly is still juggling his main piece (Nikki) with his side piece (Vinny).

Where do you think the crew will head to next? Sound off in the comments, then stay with MTV News for all things Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.

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