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‘I Have No Interest’: Is Teen Mom OG‘s Maci Ending Her Relationship With Ryan’s Parents For Good?

Taylor and Larry got into a heated argument at the Teen Mom OG reunion, clashing about multiple issues that had transpired throughout the previous season regarding Ryan’s relationship with Bentley as well as how the MTV grandparents spoke about Maci, Taylor and Bentley. Now, during the show’s season premiere, the McKinneys and the Edwards’ admitted that no progress had been made following the tension-filled sitdown.

“It didn’t need to go that way at all,” Jen, with Larry by her side, admitted to TMOG producer Lorraine. “I never expected it to. That was kind of shocking. It’s just like a hundred steps backward for everybody.”

The two had only seen Bentley at a wrestling tournament after the disagreement, but Larry was hopeful that one day Bentley would realize that his father is “not as bad as [Maci and Taylor] make him out to be.”

“We have to try to all get along,” Jen, wiping away tears, stated. “It’s harder on Bentley when we don’t.”

Meanwhile, Bentley was told about the televised spat, and Taylor apologized for his actions. But it wasn’t directed at Jen and Larry.

“Being the man of the family, I can only sit and take so much of them saying so much about my wife — your mom,” Taylor told Bentley as they took a car ride. “However, I went in there with the intention that no matter what happened, I didn’t want to make things worse for you. And I feel like I failed at that.”

He continued that the situation “shouldn’t change” Bentley’s relationship with the other side of his family.

“As a man, I apologize because I feel like I probably could have handled it a little bit better,” he added. “You know I love you, and I got your back no matter what.”

Bentley was reserved during the chat, but Maci told Taylor that the 12-year-old had not mentioned wanting to see his grandparents at their house.

“I don’t feel the pressure to have a relationship with them,” Maci confessed to her husband. “I have no interest in trying to force anything, maybe ever. Definitely not anytime soon.”

But will that change? And pivoting back to Jen’s statement about “taking a hundred steps backward”: Will they all move forward, or will the tension remain? Keep watching Teen Mom OG every Tuesday at 8/7c.

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