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Lil Nas X’s Montero Has A Song For Every Mood

Listen to it when you’re feeling: anxious.

Key lyric: “Hope my little bit of hope don’t fade away / I’ve been living on an island made from fate / Can’t go running back to home, I can’t facе her face”

By this point, Nas X has established how he has at times destructively internalized doubt, and the effects of that persist here (“Could I be wrong? Was everybody right about me? / Scary things in my head”). Dark, alternative-leaning “Tales of Dominica,” yet again tag-teamed by Fedi and Take a Daytrip, finds Nas X “living in my lowest, it’s safe to say,” but not in the literal sense. From the outside looking in, he’s at his highest. The problem is that he’s terrified of waking up to find it all gone, to be dumped back into the hollowness he grew up in. This song takes a more poetic approach than “Dead Right Now” to addressing his painful family roots, though the message is still loud and clear: He came from a broken home, and after making it out, his biggest fear is ending up alone anyway.

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