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New Joker Photo From The Batwoman Set Is Very Revealing

One of the most terrifying moments found in Season 3, Episode 12 of “Batwoman” involves a flashback sequence showing Joker hijacking a bus filled with children. One of those kids just so happens to be a young version of Marquis, played by Kendrick Jackson, and we see how he ended up the way he did. Joker confronts the young boy, and their conversation ends with the supervillain using one of his patented hand buzzers to shock Marquis’ head. This warped his mind and allowed him to transform into the villain we know from “Batwoman.”

Things are much more amicable behind the scenes as Jackson shared a photo of him posing with the actor who played Joker in the flashback sequence on Instagram. Appropriately enough, Jackson’s sporting a Batman hoodie. Plenty of people chimed in the comments to support Jackson with words of praise like “Whoa, very cool” and “This looks JUST LIKE Conrad Veidt! WOW.”

Hopefully, it’s not the last time we’ve seen either actor on the series. They both more than made an impact during their time on the show, and no doubt fans would love to see more of young Marquis and the original Joker.

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