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Nightwing Becomes a Greek Myth in a Haunting Take on His Dark Origin


Nightwing’s fall may be both literal and figurative in the upcoming comic, marking significant changes to the character.
Dick Grayson’s transformation into Icarus in the variant cover hints at a potential tragic ending in the storyline by Tom Taylor.
Nightwing’s anticipated fall will take place in the five-part
Fallen Grayson

Even though Nightwing has been flying high in Titans and other comic storylines, the time for Dick Grayson’s descent is nearing, and one variant cover teases his impending fall by depicting the Original Boy Wonder as the epitome of a Greek tragedy. However, the question lingers: will Nightwing’s descent be literal, figurative, or perhaps even both?

Nightwing #115 by Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo marks the second installment of the duo’s five-part story arc, Fallen Grayson. This arc will mark the conclusion of Taylor and Redondo’s tenure with the original Boy Wonder and is set to bring significant changes to the character. Fans can anticipate the comic’s release on June 18, 2024.

NIGHTWING #115 (2024)

Release Date:

June 18, 2024


Tom Taylor


Bruno Redondo

Cover Artist:

Bruno Redondo

Variant Covers:

Dan Mora, Marco Santucci, Bruka Jones, and Vasco Georgiev

When things go up in flames, Dick must put his feelings aside and help Shelton, a.k.a. Heartless, find his butler. After all, a superhero’s job is to save everyone, even the very bad. But every noble sacrifice comes with a price, and Nightwing finds himself in a situation only someone as cunning as Heartless could’ve concocted.

For now, readers have access to the cover, synopsis, and variant covers of the comic, including a variant cover by Vasco Georgiev that transforms Nightwing into the Greek myth Icarus—the boy who serves as a cautionary tale about flying too close to the sun.

Nightwing Falls: Dick Grayson Flies Too Close to the Sun and Becomes Icarus in Stunning Art

Nightwing #115 featuring flying graysons and Dick Grayson and icarus

Dick’s transformation into Icarus might initially go unnoticed, as it takes place in the background, overshadowed by the more prominent depiction of Nightwing. However, viewers can discern a smaller rendition of Dick in his blue and black uniform tumbling from the sky, accompanied by a pair of wings falling alongside him. This imagery immediately evokes parallels with the Greek myth of Icarus, who was given wings by his inventor father, Daedalus, enabling him to fly. However, this Greek tale ended tragically when Icarus flew too close to the sun, causing his wings to melt and leading to his fatal descent.

Georgiev undoubtedly intended to echo Icarus in this variant cover, particularly considering that it is for the Fallen Grayson storyline, which, as writer Tom Taylor stated, will depict Dick’s “fall.” The writer went on to explain that Bruno and he “wanted to show how high this Flying Grayson could soar. Now, it’s time for him to fall.” Hence, the Icarus reference is the perfect metaphorical choice for illustrating this transition from Dick flying high to him falling. Fans can only hope that Dick doesn’t completely follow the Greek story; otherwise, this could mark the end of a beloved hero.

Nightwing Falling to His Death Would Be a Tragic Way For the Character to Meet His End

Nightwing #114 Fallen Grayson cover featuring Dick Grayson and Haley

Fans can only hope that Dick’s “fall” will be more in the figurative rather than the literal sense, as a physical descent is far more likely to result in the hero’s demise or permanently strip him of his ability to “fly.” Considering Dick’s tragic origin story of losing his parents to a fall, a literal fall for him would be particularly devastating and would be a widely hated creative choice for the character. For now, fans will just have to trust that Taylor won’t do irreparable damage to Dick’s character by giving Nightwing such a grim fate.

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Nightwing #115 will be released on June 18, 2024, from DC Comics!

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