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NPC’s New Liked Gift Is An Awful Way To Make Friends


The new update for
Stardew Valley
adds surprising interactions, including Evelyn liking a pair of Broken Glasses as a gift.
Players must be cautious when gifting characters to build relationships, as each resident has specific likes and dislikes.
Aside from Evelyn’s surprising gift preference, the 1.6 Update brings new dialogue, events, a Bookshop, and a Mastery system.

The lastest update for Stardew Valley includes plenty of new hidden interactions but one particular conversation over a questionable gift is breaking the community’s hearts. Throughout Concerned Ape’s massive Farming RPG, players are able to establish firm and fast friendships with the residents of Pelican Valley usually by presenting them with items they may enjoy. Characters’ tastes vary wildly so farmers need to be careful which when providing the games’ cast with whatever items they may have collected over the course of their travels but some of their standards are lower than expected.

Per a Reddit post by user DejaVu2324, the Stardew Valley community was stunned to learn that beloved elderly character Evelyn now likes it when players gift her with a pair of Broken Glasses, an item that’s genuinely obtained by fishing or raiding bins, appropriately being classified as “Trash.”

Upon recieving the “present,” Evelyn comments that she’s shocked to see the dirty state of her reading glasses, suggesting that she intends on actually using the garbage. Fans were appalled by the discovery, stating that they couldn’t bear giving the sweet old lady such a meanspirited gift.


Stardew Valley 1.6 Update Is Now Live: All Updates & Patch Notes Revealed

Stardew Valley’s 1.6 update has finally arrived on PC, and it brings a surprising amount of brand-new content to the modern classic life sim.

Stardew Valley Overflows With Surprises

Stardew Valley Getting the Magnifying Glass for Secret Notes

While the discovery of Evelyn liking the pair of garbage Broken Glasses may have come as a suprise to many its only one small part of the recent 1.6 Update, a massive patch that’s added plenty of new content into Stardew Valley. Every single NPC now has new lines of dialogue as well as a custom responses to whatever gift is being shoved in their face, explaining why Evelyn is so specific about her reading glasses whereas a previous update would have likely seen her off a generic response. These extra snippets of conversation are just the beginning when it comes to latest update.

Stardew Valley
players who really want to get on Evelyn’s good side should gift her a Beet, a Chocolate Cake, a Diamond, a Fairy Rose, a Tulip, or Stuffing.

Having fresh conversations with the Pelican Town residents may be a big draw for Stardew Valley players but there’s even more exciting things to discover. The 1.6 Update also includes the addition of Bookshop that arrives in town twice a week to dish out books that grant XP bonuses, several new events including a massive Desert Festival, and even an entire Mastery system for experienced players looking for more of a challenge. It’s the latest in a long line of content patches that have sustained the game over nearly a decade.

What Lies Ahead For Stardew Valley?

Stardew Valley multiplayer fishing

Now that the 1.6 Update has been pushed through, the Stardew Valley community is looking even further into the future. Concerned Ape has confirmed that he’s currently developing Haunted Chocolatier, a new game that may borrow some aspects of his previous project. Whether any more significant updates are in the works for Stardew Valley remains unknown but more insight will likely be shared in the future.

Source: DejaVu2324/Reddit

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