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Pixar’s Canceled Monsters Inc. Sequel Had a Gut-Wrenching Ending


Monsters, Inc. was a box-office hit, leading to plans for a sequel that evolved into Monsters University.
The canceled sequel, Monsters, Inc. 2: Lost In Scaradise, would have seen Sulley and Mike reunite with Boo.
The dark arc of the sequel may not have sat well with original fans due to its heartbreaking nature.

The story details surrounding the canceled Monsters, Inc. sequel suggests that the Pixar movie would have been an absolute tearjerker. Serving as the fourth movie developed by Pixar, Monsters, Inc. debuted in November 2001 before earning over half a billion at the box-office. The animated feature film was directed by Pete Docter and David Silverman and featured lead voice roles from John Goodman and Billy Crystal as two monster best friends who work at an energy-producing factory. Based on the success of the film, there were plans for a sequel that evolved into the 2013 prequel, Monsters University.

Monsters, Inc. followed Sulley (Goodman) and Mike (Crystal) as they worked at the titular company that obtained energy from scaring human children. While living in Monstropolis, the pair were led to believe that children were dangerous creatures. That belief changed when a little girl named “Boo” snuck into the monster world. With the help of Mike, the pair avoid the Child Detection Agency (CDA) while essentially altering the perception when it comes to the relationship between the two very different worlds. Their relationship was at the core of the canceled sequel, Monsters, Inc. 2: Lost In Scaradise.


Pixar Theory Reveals Monsters Inc Was A Secret Toy Story Prequel All Along

Although not well-known, a Monsters, Inc. theory suggests that the 2001 animated movie is actually a prequel to Pixar’s iconic 1995 movie, Toy Story.

What Happened After Monsters, Inc.

Monsters At Work

Monsters at Work is a computer-animated series and a part of Disney’s popular Monsters, Inc, franchise. The series stars Billy Crystal and John Goodman as Mike and Sulley respectively, both of whom are reprising their roles from the Monsters, Inc movies. The first season arrived on Disney+ in mid-2021 and was fairly well-received by both viewers and critics.

Cast Ben Feldman , Billy Crystal

Release Date July 7, 2021

Seasons 1

Streaming Service(s) Disney+

Monsters, Inc. fans can see some of what happened after the original Pixar movie thanks to the Disney series Monsters At Work. Society moves on from using fear for their power source to laughter – for the most part.

After Henry J. Waternoose III is arrested, Mike and Sulley are placed in charge of Monsters, Incorporated, handling the transition from fear to humor-based power. The more day-to-day operations, however, aren’t seen with the two main characters from the movie, but in the work of Tylor Tuskman, originally recruited as a scarer, but moved to a position as a mechanic when the company begins to transition.

The series examines the idea of not all monsters being prepared for change as well. Tylor finds himself in the position of also being recruited by a company that still relies on fear for power after working as a mechanic. That will be explored in the second season of Monsters At Work.

Season 2 of
Monsters At Work
releases in April 2024 on the Disney Channel and May 2024 on Disney+.

Why Monsters Inc 2 Was Canceled

Monsters University

This prequel to Monsters, Inc. takes viewers back to a time before James P. “Sully” Sullivan and Michael “Mike” Wazowski formed the most successful “scarer” team in Monsters, Inc. history. The film chronicles the pair’s Monsters University origins, where 18-year old Sulley and Mike first meet and become competitive rivals. However, as the two monsters go head-to-head, a larger dilemma forces them together, forging a lifelong friendship.

Director Dan Scanlon

Release Date June 21, 2013

Writers Pete Docter , Andrew Stanton

Cast Billy Crystal , Jennifer Tilly , John Goodman , Kelsey Grammer , Steve Buscemi , Frank Oz , Helen Mirren , Peter Sohn , Joel Murray , Sean Hayes , Dave Foley , Charlie Day , Nathan Fillion

Runtime 104 minutes

When Disney and Pixar partnered up to release animated movies in the 1990s, the original contract was said to be for seven films. After those seven films were completed, Disney began to work with Circle 7 Animation. While Disney has owned or worked with several different animation divisions over the years, this company actively worked on sequels to the films originally made by Pixar for Disney. Though Pixar produced the movies, the story and character rights were held by Disney.

One of the movies in development under Circle 7 Animation was Monsters, Inc 2. Stories were also said to be in development with Toy Story and Finding Nemo characters. Eventually, those particular sequels were all scrapped because Circle 7 Animation was completely shut down. After Circle 7 shuttered, Disney actually bought Pixar in 2006. Some of the sequels, like those for Toy Story and Finding Nemo were back in active development at that point, but with Pixar instead.

Monsters, Inc 2 never got made. Instead, Pixar made a prequel in Monsters University. Though the movie didn’t revisit Boo, it did give fans insight into how Mike and Sully met and became friends and teammates.

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Why Monsters At Work Is Better Than A Third Movie

The Monsters Inc. franchise has expanded to include the streaming series Monsters At Work. Here’s why a series was a better option than a third movie.

Plot Details For Monsters, Inc. 2: Lost In Scaradise

Monsters Inc 2 Concept Art of Sulley and Mike opening a door

According to a plot breakdown (via Twitter), the canceled Monsters, Inc. sequel would have picked up over a year after the original movie when Boo’s repaired door was put in the archive area. Due to their unique bond, Sulley was unable to let go of Boo, so Mike set up a visit on Boo’s birthday. When they arrived through the door, they find a snoring old woman in the room, leading them to set out in the human world to find Boo.

In time, they realize that doors weren’t connected to specific closets, but instead, they were gateways to particular people. Time moved a lot faster in Boo’s world so, in reality, she was that elderly old woman hooked up to hospital machines. When Sulley and Mike realized this fact, they would have visited Boo again, and before she passed, the figure would’ve recognized her furry blue friend.

As touching as the reunion sounds, the story seems a bit dark for the entire focus of the movie. Pixar doesn’t shy away from heart-wrenching material, but this arc would have been a difficult reveal to accept for original Monsters, Inc. fans.

Monsters Inc Movie Poster

Monsters, Inc.

Pixar’s Monsters, Inc. tells the story of Mike Wazowski and James P. “Sully” Sullivan, two monsters who work for the titular organization. Their job is to collect and harness the screams of children using inter-dimensional technology that allows them to briefly enter the supposedly dangerous human world. However, when a human child finds her way into Monsters, Inc., Sully and Mike begin to question everything their employer has ever told them, and work in secret to get her home safely. 

Director Pete Docter

Release Date November 2, 2001

Writers Andrew Stanton , Daniel Gerson

Cast John Goodman , Billy Crystal , Steve Buscemi , James Coburn , Jennifer Tilly , Mary Gibbs

Runtime 92 Minutes

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