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Sneak Peek: Vinny Officially Begins His Double Shot At Love Journey

“The Chooch” Vinny wants to find an everlasting romantic connection on Double Shot at Love. But in order to find his wifey, Vin has to, well, arrive at the site of the hit MTV dating series. With DJ Pauly D and Nikki by his side, of course.

“Look at how dope this place is! This is a place for love,” Pauly exclaims in the sneak peek above about the Adero in Scottsdale, Arizona. Nope, we’re not at Drai’s anymore!

Nikki leaves to “freshen up,” which means it’s time for the Jersey Shore bros to wax nostalgic about their previous DSAL experiences.

“When we walked out of here the first time, I had somebody and you were single,” Vin remembers. “Now, you have a serious relationship and I’m still single.”

What kind of Pauly D positivity does he give to Vin? Watch the clip, and do not miss the premiere of Double Shot at Love next Thursday at 9/8c!

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