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Surprise! Snooki Just Popped Out Of JWOWW’s Bday Cake On Jersey Shore

If JWOWW’s engagement to Zack wasn’t gift enough for her 35th birthday, Deena’s “crazy surprise” [23:30] in the form of one very beloved meatball should do the trick.

Tonight’s episode saw Snooki’s epic return (again) to Jersey Shore: Family Vacation — this time, surprising the fam at their cozy resort in the sticks in the Poconos.

“Jenni has no idea I am coming here for her birthday,” Snooki shared.

Deena couldn’t wait either and wore her “Meatball Problems” T-shirt in honor of her pal’s big arrival. Their grand surprise plan? Stuffing Snooki inside a giant fake cake and serving it up over breakfast.

“It’s a big day! First on the agenda, we have to figure out how we’re smuggling my meatball into this resort without anybody seeing,” the expectant mama said. “She’s small. Maybe if we put blankets over her.”

Enter Meatball Impossible, as a “super sneaky” Chris and Deener accosted Nicole with blankets before even uttering so much as a hello. Like, what the f*ck, guys? (Snooki’s words, not ours.)

When it came time for the big cake reveal and needing to put her acting chops to the test, Deena was a meatball of nerves.

“I’m a little nervous that this plan isn’t going to go as planned,” she confessed. “I have to go back to the table, I have to pretend I don’t feel good, I have to make sure me and Chris leave this table, I need to make sure that Nicole’s in the cake and she doesn’t scream. There’s a lot of stuff, and I don’t know if I can pull this off.”

As expected, Deena feigned morning sickness without a hitch, but she forgot one key player: Chris and his muscles.

“I left Chris at the table. I can’t move this [cake],” she told Nicole. But with the help of a series audio tech, the cake was finally delivered to a very shocked JWOWW and fam.

To clear up any confusion, Snooki emerged in her trademark party fashion with two champagne bottles and a “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” to everyone’s delight.

Deena’s grand gesture will most certainly take the cake over Vinny’s well-intentioned talent show — though we’d be lying if we said we weren’t placing bets on how many chicken tendies Mike can inhale in 60 seconds.

Watch it all go down next Thursday at 8/7c!

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