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The 1883 Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The matriarch of the Dutton family, Margaret, holds up her husband James, Elsa, and little John. While she may be happy to cede control of their destiny to her husband, Margaret has lost none of her strength nor her fierce spirit. Warm, loving, genuine, and earnest, Margaret is wise and honorable and perhaps the noblest person we’ve seen in “1883.” Steady and calm amid chaos, she is a wooden plank for others to walk over during troubled times. She is ruled by her heart, for her caring and loving nature can sometimes overwhelm her better judgment. For these reasons and more, Margaret Dutton perfectly embodies the spirit of the Leo sign.

Margaret wants to make sure that others see her many strengths. She sometimes uses anger to project her power, which helps her appear as an unbreakable woman. This is important on the frontier, where being perceived as weak can be one’s undoing. At times, her family, especially Elsa — but also James at times — have viewed her as overbearing, but as a Leo, that perception is only because of her tremendous warmth and deep caring for her loved ones. She wants to protect them at all costs and doesn’t care how they may feel about it, let alone how those outside her family perceive it.

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