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The Best Time Frank Burns Ever Broke Character On MASH

Considering that “M*A*S*H” debuted 50 years ago, the show’s bloopers definitely aren’t available in high video and picture quality, but they are quite funny. Often the actors are screwing up their dialogue, kidding around, or accidents on set make everybody audibly crack up.

In one outtake, Larry Linville is trying to deliver a smug lecture in character as Frank Burns until he clearly forgets his line halfway through. Recognizing that he can’t finish, he mutters “tear gas or whatever the **** it is,” and makes a loud, exasperated noise for the camera. A similar blooper features Linville not remembering his lines as he remarks, “Aw, putz!”

The veteran actor’s over the top irritation that he can’t get these deliveries right is hilarious and might show one of the few times he was enjoying himself during production. Even if he didn’t like “M*A*S*H” or his character, it’s hard not to laugh when you’re around people as funny as Alan Alda and Jamie Farr.

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