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The Ending Of The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 10 Explained

Fast-forwarding to Day 33, Tyler’s assertion that there is a resistance surging within the Commonwealth is seemingly proven true during a raid of his apartment. Rosita, who is now a soldier, stumbles into a hidden room decked out with propaganda — including shooting targets depicting their uniforms. In the Episode Insider, Kang explains that Rosita is overwhelmed with this information and finds herself at a “really odd crossroads.”

Her revelation is soundtracked by the Motörhead album Mei had gifted Judith. Now that Daryl is a soldier, he’s moved them into a new apartment and has money for luxuries like a record player. They put the album on, and Judith skips ahead to Track 2, “Eat the Rich.” The not-so-subtle political song hammers on as Rosita realizes that, for the first time, she’s on the opposing side of a rebellion.

Throughout the apocalypse, her scrappy group has always fought for what they believed in and avoided conforming to another community. After all, what better time for a social and political overhaul than the end of the world? However, as they get comfortable with life in the Commonwealth, this could change.

Will they go against the grain and join this alleged resistance, or will they fight to defend this new, old-world community? Is this what further splinters the groups, leading to the apparent standoff between Maggie/Hilltop and Daryl/Commonwealth foreshadowed in “No Other Way”? Or will this season’s storylines align with the Commonwealth’s arc in the comics?

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