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The Hilarious Reason John Cena Refuses To Tease Peacemaker Season 2

The finale of “Peacemaker” Season 1 arrived on HBO Max on February 17, 2022, bringing with it no shortage of action, drama, and some legitimately shocking cameos that strengthened its ties to the wider DCEU. Nevertheless, DC fans didn’t dwell on it for a moment before they started speculating on what Season 2 could entail. Naturally, this has put John Cena on the hot seat as people try to get even the slightest morsel of information out of him. The only problem is that he’s just as clueless about the next chapter in Peacemaker’s story as everyone else is.

“Holy s***, I’m not responsible for any of those choices. I don’t write the thing. You gotta talk to the madman named James Gunn for that,” Cena said in an interview with Yahoo! Entertainment, going on to praise James Gunn for his storytelling ability and citing him as the go-to source for “Peacemaker” Season 2 info. “I think he’s very clever in everything he does, and he doesn’t waste a sentence…We can talk ourselves in circles about what’s gonna happen on Season 2, but it’s really up to just one guy.”

Considering how recently the second batch of “Peacemaker” episodes received a green light, it’ll likely be a while before we learn the specifics about it. As it turns out, despite being the star of the show, John Cena is apparently in a similar position. 

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