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The Most Heartbreaking Burgess Moment From Chicago P.D.

Content warning: This article discusses intense scenes involving miscarriage.

When fans found out during the Season 7 premiere, “No Regrets,” that Kim was pregnant thanks to an unseen romantic encounter during Season 6 with Ruzek, they were thrilled for the hard-luck character. Even though she struggled with being stuck on desk duty operating the city’s 9-1-1 line, fans hoped she would make it through the pregnancy happy and healthy. 

But Kim’s instinct for helping others get the best of her, and during “I Was Here,” she responds herself to a call from a girl who had been kidnapped by a human trafficking ring. In the ensuing brawl, Kim miscarries. She sobs as she’s picked up by Ruzek, hiding her face against his shoulder. Soon she’s seen in the hospital coping with the aftermath of her loss, the sound of a doctor confirming her miscarriage becoming nothing more than background noise to her.

Fans still describe rewatching the episode as a heartbreaking experience.  “I never realized when Adam picked up a sobbing Kim, it sounded like she cried ‘it hurts’ into his shoulder when he carried her away,” noted a Reddit user posting to the “Chicago PD” subreddit, who also declared that the episode is “brutal” to rewatch. Other fans question if the miscarriage was necessary as a plot device. “They put her character through a lot and I was hoping they’d let her have this,” said u/leixo18 in their post about the topic. 

Others chimed in on the plot being too intense; u/Brit2thefuture wrote, “As if Kim and Adam hadn’t already been through enough!” and u/FlimsyManagement wrote, “It was super brutal and very devastating to see but it propelled their individual stories forward in a really good way.”

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