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The She-Ra Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Perhaps more than any other part of the zodiac, Aquarius largely operates on its own social and emotional plane, detached from the other signs in many ways. A good amount of those who wear Aquarius as their sun sign are motivated by a desire to learn; to explore new, interesting, often niche ideas. They have a unique way of seeing the world that can put them at odds with the people around them, but once you come to understand an Aquarius, they can be the most loyal and adventurous of friends.

It should be obvious by now why Princess Entrapta is such a perfect pick for the zodiac’s final air sign. She’s a character motivated by her own internal moral compass — one that prioritizes scientific discovery above all else. That unquenchable desire for knowledge pushes Entrapta to switch sides multiple times during “She-Ra and the Princess of Power,” as she usually sticks with whoever is best equipped to help further her research.

In truth, Entrapta still cares deeply for her home and friends, but her ways of expressing that care is often misunderstood. Most of the time, she chooses to focus on what she’s good at, but as the show progresses, she also makes major steps towards more lasting connections in her community. More often than not, Aquarius is the sign of the misunderstood, making Entrapta the perfect “She-Ra” character to carry the sign.

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