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The Worst Episode In Yellowjackets Season 1

With the Season 1 episodes of “Yellowjackets” never dipping below a 7.5/10 rating on IMDb, it’s clear that the show maintains quality throughout the season. However, some storylines still do not work as well as others. Season 1, Episode 4, “Bear Down,” is the lowest-rated episode of the season, with a 7.6/10 rating. The episode centers around Natalie’s (Juliette Lewis) goal to step up and learn how to hunt for the team, all while she deals with PTSD from her experiences with her abusive father.

Commenters on the IMDb page noted that this episode largely fails due to pacing. Many called the episode slow, with no purpose. “There are extreme pace issues and the plot has already thinned out quite a bit,” posted a user named guppie2335. Another poster, mycannonball agreed with this statement, saying, “I really like some the characters, but I feel like the content/story isn’t enough for 10 episodes. It feels like it’s being stretched to serve the time.”

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