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The Worst Episode In Yellowstone's 1883 Season 1

With only a 7.2/10 on IMDb, “The Weep of Surrender” is the lowest-rated episode of Season 1 to date, although it’s worth mentioning that as of this writing, there are still two unaired episodes left in the season. Plenty of drama happens in this episode, but fans are largely preoccupied with the new romance of young, hot-blooded Elsa and her new beau, Sam. It comes on the heels of her previous lover dying a tragic death, and her frustrated parents aren’t sure what to do about her wild and willful spirit.

Fans were so disappointed with the episode’s events that viewers like archaictree took to Reddit and insisted they were “pretty much through with this show.” There’s lots of criticism to go around, like Ldbgcoleman asserting that Elsa’s behavior is “very unrealistic;” Zalasta5 lamenting the lack of “femininity” and abundance of “stereotypical western/cowboy masculine traits” among the strong female characters; and Longjumping_Review12 declaring, “*yawn* this show is starting to llaaaagggg. Went from 8.5/10 to 6.5/10 real quick.” 

It’s odd that fans who were so in tune with writer/creator Taylor Sheridan’s vision in “Yellowstone” are suddenly jumping ship during “1883.” But it’s like the old saying goes: you can’t please everyone all of the time.

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