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Who Is The Figure In The Fire In The Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power Trailer?

Our best guess here is that we’re seeing one of the members of the Istari, that is, the five wizards of Middle-earth. We already guessed that the wanderers shown throughout the show’s promotional material could be somehow connected to the wizards, and now we’re starting to wonder if the figure in the fire could actually be one of the wizards — and one of the two Blue Wizards, in particular.

Now, before you start throwing things at your screen at such an outlandish guess, hear us out. We’ve got our reasons for the speculation. First off, the Blue Wizards are at least briefly mentioned in the source material that the show has access to, which has been confirmed to be “The Lord of the Rings” — including its appendices — and “The Hobbit.” So that clears one big hurdle.

In addition, while the official version of the Middle-earth timeline has these two wizards arriving a thousand years into the Third Age, there are two reasons this date could change in the show. The first one is the simple fact that the creators are changing the timeline here. They already made it clear (via Vanity Fair) that the show will be compressing a series of events that take place over thousands of years. On top of that, in the book “The Peoples of Middle-earth,” It’s shown that in the later version of the Blue Wizard’s story, Tolkien had them coming “when matters became very dangerous in the Second Age.”

While all of this makes it possible that it could be one of the Blue Wizards, there’s one hint, in particular, that really makes us favor this option.

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