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Whose Tattoos Are Shown In The Opening Credits Of Sons Of Anarchy?

As the opening credits for “Sons of Anarchy” play, images of bikers and biker women and many motorcycles flash past, with abundant tattoos on various body parts. From tats on hands to tats on heads, breasts, and stomachs, the entire sequence is ink-centric, even going so far as to have the pictorial tattoos morph into printed names of actors that lift off the skin surface.

It might be reasonable to conclude that the distinctive tattoos shown on a male’s torso midway through the opening sequence belong to Charlie Hunnam. He is, after all, the series lead, and his name is listed first in the sequence. But as it turns out, when the shirt is lifted to reveal a series of smiley face tats on a well-toned abdomen, it’s not Hunnam’s belly we’re ogling -– it’s the stomach of the gang’s Happy Lowman, portrayed by David Labrava. As it turns out, Lowman is a gang member fond of getting a festive happy face tat every time he bumps someone off, which, if the number of smiley faces is anything to go by, is often. And that gives us our main, somewhat grisly clue to whose tattoos are shown in this particular bit of the “Sons of Anarchy” opening credits.

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