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Why Raffi Musiker From Star Trek: Picard Looks So Familiar

Next up for Hurd was the second season of “Ash vs Evil Dead.” She portrayed Ash Williams’ (Bruce Campbell)’s high school girlfriend, Linda Bates-Emery. When Ash returns to his hometown of Elk Grove, Michigan, he learns that Linda never left the place and has set up shop there. Though Ash and Linda still have some chemistry going on, it turns out that Linda has married another member of their graduating class (and a victim of Ash’s bullying), Sheriff Thomas Emery (Stephen Lovatt). Thomas and Linda have a teenage daughter, Lacey (Pepi Sonuga). 

Ash’s return brings nothing but havoc into the family’s lives, ultimately resulting in Lacey and Thomas’ death and possession. And yet, Linda stays by Ash’s side, ultimately becoming a part of the team holding the rest of the world at bay and keeping an angry mob from imprisoning Ash for his multiple crimes. Though Linda survives the massacre and appears to get back together with Ash at the end of the season, Linda is nowhere to be seen during Season 3. No one mentions her name or discusses what happened to her, and Ash proceeds to pursue other women.

Hurd, meanwhile, popped up in Fox’s version of “Lethal Weapon,” and as Renee Grover for eight episodes of CBS’ “Hawaii Five-O” reboot. Her next role would make her even more of an action legend.

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