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Why Tanjiro From Demon Slayer Sounds So Familiar

Aguilar has just under 100 voice acting credits under his belt in a variety of anime series and video games, but a few stand out above the rest due to their popularity. For starters, Aguilar’s first major role, and arguably his most popular next to “Demon Slayer,” is in “One Punch Man.” The series follows bald-headed Saitama, a “hero for fun” who has become bored with his superhero duties after training himself to defeat enemies in a single punch.

Eventually in Saitama’s quest for a worthy opponent, he teams up with Genos, who Aguilar voices. Genos is a human-turned-cyborg with a mission of finding the cyborg who killed his family and destroyed his hometown. He studies under Saitama in the hopes of becoming a stronger hero and is oftentimes seen writing down Saitama’s “words of wisdom” in his training diary, no matter how trivial the tidbit may be, according to Fandom. Aguilar voices Genos in Seasons 1 and 2, but fans are still hoping to see more of Genos if “One Punch Man” gets a Season 3.

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