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‘Why’d You Even Marry Him?’: Angelina’s Dog Is Asking The Important Questions On Family Vacation

If Angelina’s pup has any say, her marriage might actually be headed for Splitsville sooner rather than later.

Tonight’s Jersey Shore: Family Vacation saw the Staten Island native turning to the experts for relationship advice. No, not a lawyer this time. More like a pet psychic. (Yes, really.) After adopting two new rescue cats, Angelina found herself in another catfight, literally: “One of them is biting me and, like, scratching the crap out of me, and he sh*ts on the floor everywhere.” (But at least it’s not the back of a Miami taxicab…?)

With the help of her psychic grandma’s spiritual connections and a few reinforcements (the girls), Ang hoped to get to the bottom of why her “cats are evil and vicious” — and maybe get a little insight into her unraveling marriage. After all, her decision deadline (and second wedding anniversary) was slowly creeping up.

Enter psychic medium, pet communicator, and author Teresa, who felt an instant connection with Angelina’s tiny Yorkie, Peanut.

“Peanut is tuned into you, like it’s radar. I don’t know how personal you want to get, but you and hubby are having real turbulent issues,” Teresa shared. “She really doesn’t like Chris. And she said to me, ‘Why’d you even marry him? It was arguing from day one.'”

Not entirely shocking, seeing as the pint-sized pooch actually bit Chris the first week they met. Teresa also alluded to the fact that Chris may not have been entirely faithful while the two were temporarily separated, which Angelina found hurtful, adding that he eats junk food like a child, her own mama doesn’t like him, and he’s a narcissist.

“What is it gonna take for you to wake up? This is what Peanut tells me. Nothing changes. The cycle continues. He comes back for a little bit, you guys within a half an hour are fighting, arguing,” Teresa said.

Needless to say, Peanut’s take on Angelina’s husband was soul-crushing: “My best friend, the love of my life that’s been with me through everything, every f*cking broken engagement, every bad dark day in my life, is not happy here because of Chris.”

Teresa then predicted that Angelina and Peanut would be moving to a bigger house… without Chris. And that someone would be waiting with open arms. “I see him, and I see you’ve met him already,” she said. (Cue all eyes on Vinny! Or hey, maybe that guy in Old Bridge.)

The medium noted that Ang is at a crossroads, and she has to make a choice. After reiterating the couple’s unhappiness, Teresa said it’s going to take some self-work on Angelina’s part. Could Teresa (and Peanut) be on to something? Sounds off in the comments, and catch an all-new episode next Thursday at 8/7c.

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