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‘Father’s Factory’ Makes Heirloom-Quality Wooden Toy Cameras for Kids

Toy Wooden Cameras for Kids

Toy Wooden Cameras for Kids

Father’s Factory is a toy company that makes high-quality wooden camera toys for kids that inspire imagination and are designed to last a lifetime.

A Different Kind of Toy Company

Father’s Factory positions itself as a different kind of toy company. It argues that while most toy companies design their products to be played with for a short period of time, Father’s Factory designs its toys to last much longer.

“Our toys inspire families to be creative, to explore around, and to play outside more. Our goal is to design toys that have a longer product life span so they won’t be thrown out and end up in the landfill once the toys fulfill their purposes,” the company explains on its website.

Wooden Toy Camera

“Through our designs, we teach children to take care of their belongings because our toys are designed to last a long time. They are designed to easily fit your home’s aesthetics. They are meant to be kept, passed on, or displayed as interior decor once the kid outgrew them.”

Wooden Toy Camera

Another advantage of Father’s Factory toys, which are all photography-themed as well, is that they are designed to better aesthetically fit into the home of an adult. The founders say that a problem they encountered with traditional toys is that they either had to give up all their space and fill them with uncoordinated colored toys or have none at all.

Wooden Toy Camera

Wooden Toy Camera

Empowering Kids to Use their Imagination

“When we became parents, we found that the toys our kids play with were overstimulated. Kids get bored with them easily. Most of the toys don’t allow children to think and imagine on their own, and they are designed to be consumed at a fast pace,” the company’s founders explain.

These toys are made differently and are intended to inspire creativity in young minds. Most are interactive and feature clickable shutter buttons, detachable parts, and interactivity with a play wooden tripod.

The company uses a mixture of woods to produce different camera styles from vintage 35mm film cameras through polaroid style cameras or even movie cameras. While sold out at the time of publication, the company also makes wooden digital cameras that actually take photos.

Wood is a sustainable resource, but only if it is replaced. To that end, last year Father’s Factory began donating a portion of each purchase to help plant new trees.

The wooden camera toys currently available on the company’s website range in price from around $50 to around $80. The toys can be purchased directly from Father’s Factory or through any number of stores around the world that carry the company’s products.

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