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Photography gear storage from the garage or workshop

One day I walked into my studio looking for a piece of kit. It took a while to find what I was searching for. Then I went into the garage and inspiration struck.

Hard to find kit

As you slowly accumulate new photography gear it can eventually get out of hand. Without having a plan for organization finding that one small piece of equipment gets more difficult as time passes.

Rolling tool kit with open drawers give you an idea of how much equipment you can store for easy retrieval.

Tool chest

My wife often calls my photography equipment “toys.” My reply is “They are not toys, they are TOOLS!” I guess that was part of what triggered the idea of buying a mechanic’s tool chest for storage and organization.

I now store all gear in its place in their respective drawer. The top holds cameras, lenses and filters. Other drawers are dedicated to tripod plates, Platypods, light meters and more.

Where to find your gear

If you have enough gear you be looking for a wheeled storage cart. You can find them at hardware stores such as Home Depot and Lowe’s. I found my US General Roller Cart through Harbor Freight at a good price. I choose black but they come in a variety of bright colors as well.

I saw the same model, but in red, available on Amazon.

US general rolling tool kitUS General rolling cart. Serious storage and organization tool.

Be aware

In order to keep shipping size down, these roller tool chests need to be assembled. You will need a second person to help. I highly recommend you not try to do this yourself. I did and needed to scramble to find a neighbor to complete the assembly.

Note! Place all the bolts where they live but do not tighten them until the very end. Trust me on this. It needs to have a little “wiggle room” as the final pieces are added in place.

Yours in Creative Photography, Bob

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