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7 Excellent Reasons for Email’s Effectiveness


While social media marketing tends to dominate the headlines in the digital space these days, the power of email marketing pervades. In just one example, CityWest, a fast-growing broadband service provider, achieved an engagement level of 54%—nearly three times that of a typical email campaign, which has an average open rate of 21%.

Omnichannel marketing program should include email

CityWest’s results were staggering; by targeting the right subscribers with timely email communications, the company maximized its return on investment (ROI) via an omnichannel marketing program including email, targeted Facebook ads, and outbound calls from their customer service reps.

By partnering with a full-service marketing platform such as 12Handz, email gives you the opportunity to reach your most loyal, fervent brand advocates more often. Here are just some of the reasons email marketing is so effective:

Personalization is easy

From the subject line to the email content, to the offers you promote, it’s simple to make each message you send to each recipient feel like it was made just for them. You can make offers more effective by creating campaigns based on segmented user groups.

It’s measurable

Email marketing is one of your most measurable channels. Measure open rate, conversion rate, click-throughs, time spent with email, interactions, you name it. By testing email marketing campaigns, you gain powerful insights to inform other marketing strategies.

It’s where consumers spend their time

The average American spends nearly 2.5 hours a day in their personal email inbox. Send a message, and there’s a good chance it’ll immediately be viewed by your targets. It’s rare to get that kind of attention with other marketing channels.

You’re completely in control of the content

Compared to channels like social media or paid ads, where you’re limited by the number of characters or the creative assets you can use, email virtually has no limits. GIFs, interactive surveys, video players, infographics, and the like are all email friendly.

It’s affordable

Email is one of the more affordable digital marketing tools. It doesn’t require an ad budget; creative doesn’t have to get pricey.

It achieves high ROI

From selling products and nurturing leads, to increasing website traffic and moving consumers along your desired buyer’s journey, email is an essential tool for creating brand awareness and promoting your business, all while returning $36 for every $1 spent.

Email supports other digital marketing campaigns

Email marketing integrates with the rest of your digital strategy. Email supports video marketing, social sharing, and landing page promotion. Whatever digital campaign you launch, you can use email to promote it to users who are eager to learn about your content.

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