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Ask Marc: Netflix Co-Founder Marc Randolph on Pitching Investors, Testing Ideas and Finally Launching Your Dream

In 1997, the concept for Netflix launched as a mailed DVD service that completely disrupted the rental space and changed the way the world experiences media. And there at the very beginning of this revolution was Marc Randolph, co-founder and founding CEO, who has since gone on to mentor hundreds of early stage entrepreneurs and help seed dozens of successful tech ventures.

Marc loves to share what he has learned over the years to help new and existing businesses succeed. And in the above, debut episode of Ask Marc, he took live questions from the Entrepreneur audience and tackled issues including:

How do I combat high overhead costs to launch my retail business?How do you stay ahead of trends rather than constantly playing catch-up?Is it possible to overcome the fear of failure?What is the best way to find a mentor?

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In the meantime, check out Marc’s insightful book, That Will Never Work, and his podcast.




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