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How to Get Customers and Employees Excited About Your Business

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In my speaking engagements, I talk a lot about businesses, products or services that cause us all to stand up and take notice.

There is no one-size-fits-all strategy for this formula, but there are several proven ways at solving indifference in both customers and employees, alike.

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Exclusivity and messaging

Too many businesses start out trying to be everything to everyone.  Narrow your focus and get really good at solving a specific challenge for a specific group while expanding as needed.  Remember, Amazon started out as just an online bookstore!

Having a purpose that people can resonate with is another great way to get your brand out there.

Think Tom’s Shoes: They did not start as just another footwear enterprise, but a giving company that sends their products to impovershed people who need them.

And never discount the client’s overall journey: You can have very similar products, services and messaging compared to your competitors, but if you are able to create an amazing customer experience, people will stand up and take notice. (Think Starbucks, Disneyland and Savannah Bananas.)

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Practices, processes and employee culture

Great processes can really help to allow your team the ownership, autonomy and ability to get things done much more effectively and efficiency than other companies and can really set you apart.

Do you have incentives and rewards in place to motivate the specific behaviours and traits that will help your business be as successful as possible?

It not okay to just give people a job and expect them to deliver their best out of pure gratitude towards you.  Workers want to know that you care just as much about them as you do your profit margins.  How are you intentionally designing the employee experience that will attract ideal team members?

Just nailing one of these strategies is a huge step in the right direction, now imagine if you had all of them?

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