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MarketBeat Podcast; Should You Be Buying the Dips or Be Defensive in 2022?

In this week’s episode of The MarketBeat Podcast, Kate Stalter was addressing the topic that’s on every investor’s mind. That would be inflation.

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Last week’s Consumer Price Index put the inflation rate at a worse-than-expected 7.5 %. That reading on inflation, along with concerns about the effect of Russia invading Ukraine on energy markets is roiling the markets.
Should You Be Buying the Dips or Be Defensive in 2022? Find out now 

However, as Stalter points out, prior to this latest setback, the major exchanges were trying to rally. However, at this time institutional investors still are acting cautiously and consumers are expressing less confidence.

To help sort out the threat of inflation and what it will mean for the future of interest rates and the direction of the market, Stalter sat down with MarketBeat contributor Jea Yu. Some of the topics the two discuss include:

What is the January Barometer and is there a lesson for investors in 2022?
Why rising interest rates mean fundamentals are back in fashion
Why the investors who play the best defense are likely to have the best return
Why it could be time to invest in superheroes, but not the ones from Disney

Stalter and Yu also discussed two of his picks for entertainment stocks that could present opportunistic buying opportunities. One of those picks was Discovery Networks. And one reason is our nation’s love of superheroes.

Yu explains why merging with Warner Media which owns the intellectual property of the DC extended universe (DCEU) will help the company apply the same formula as Disney did for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Yu has extensive experience of active participation and analysis of the U.S. equities, options, and futures markets. He is the author of four books on investing and the creator of the Underground Trader which as voted Forbes Best of the Web for four consecutive years. In addition to his articles on MarketBeat.com, Yu has been quoted and featured in a range of publications including the Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times.

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