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Euphoria Season 2: 10 Things Fans Still Need Answers To


Fans everywhere are excited about season 2 of HBO’s Euphoria. After a tremendous 2019 premiere, production on the follow-up got pushed back but it finally arrived in 2022. To hold the audience off, fans got to enjoy a few special one-off episodes centering on Rue Bennett (Zendaya) and Jules Vaughn (Hunter Schafer).

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While those specials provided some answers, like the fact that Rue is indeed alive after the season 1 finale, there are still so many things up in the air. Nearly every main character had at least one major question hanging over them that viewers need to know more about.


Updated on February 16th, 2022 by Kevin Pantoja: Although season 2 has premiered and is actually already almost over, it hasn’t come with many answers. Some storylines have seemingly been dropped while others are actually ripe for more Euphoria theories from the show’s biggest fans. There are still questions about Nate and Jules, the sexuality of characters, and whether or not certain characters will even survive to the recently confirmed season 3. It’ll be interesting to see if answers are provided by the time season 2 wraps up.

Who Is Kat’s Webcam Guy?

During season 1, Kat Hernandez (Barbie Ferreira) goes from a girl who is insecure about her weight to someone who becomes confident in her body and sexuality. It makes for one of the better bits of character growth on the show. She even becomes a webcam girl. While online, Kat chats with a few guys but one unknown person purchases her entire wish list for just one session with her.

He never reveals himself and Kat seems uncomfortable but goes on due to the money. Season 2 has surprisingly dropped this plot point. She hasn’t done any webcamming and the focus on Kat (which has oddly been minimal) is about her relationship with Ethan. With them recently breaking up, maybe this storyline will make a return.

Does Nate Have Another Brother?

Nate Jacobs and his family photo

At a glance, Nate Jacobs (Jacob Elordi) has the perfect family. The well-respected father, a doting mother, and he’s the ideal football star son. Of course, there’s also his other brother, who Nate doesn’t like. His father also seems to consider him a screw-up and even the mom laughed at his brother’s incompetence.

However, the picture that Nate’s dad Cal (Eric Dane) has on his phone is of him, his wife, and three boys. The same photo is hanging up on the wall at the Jacobs home. That indicates that there’s a third son out there somewhere. Is he dead? Sent away? Is he older or younger than the rest? This season has shed light on Cal’s past but specifics about this mysterious third child have been missing.

Is Gia Heading Down Rue’s Path?

Gia and Rue in bed

Gia (Storm Reid) is Rue’s younger sister. Although losing her father clearly hurts, she doesn’t go down the destructive path that Rue does. At least not yet. Gia is the one who found Rue after her overdose, which scarred her a bit and probably made her want to avoid drugs.

Yet, in the outstanding “Shook Ones, Pt. II” episode, Gia heads off at the carnival to do drugs with some friends. It’s just weed and nothing as hardcore as what Rue does but it could be a start. It is mentioned often that Gia idolizes Rue, so she might end up following in her footsteps. Season 2 has shined a light on how upset Gia is with Rue for everything that has happened, so it seems like she’s going to avoid drugs but the stress of it all could change that.

Who Is The Real Cassie?

There’s no doubt that Cassie (Sydney Sweeney) was a highlight of season 1. The talented actress is even popping up all over the place ever since landing this role. In season 1, she and her boyfriend Christopher McKay (Algee Smith) had a rocky romance that involved an abortion and a breakup heading into season 2.

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While it’s understandable that Cassie went into a depression after her abortion, her sudden romance with Nate felt a bit whirlwind. She quickly became obsessed with being loved by him to the point where she changed who she is completely and even betrayed her friend. It’s a far cry from the sweetheart in season 1 and it makes fans wonder which Cassie is the real one. There are even some who believe Cassie will end up pregnant again given it was part of Nate’s dream sequence and is similar to Cal’s past.

Is The Nate/Fez Rivalry Over?

Fez punches Nate in Euphoria

As Rue’s loyal friend, Fezco (Angus Cloud) was the lone person to truly stand up to Nate Jacobs. That put them at odds, with Nate going as far as to try to get Fezco in trouble with the police in season 1. That led to a powerful scene where Fezco beat him up in the season 2 premiere.

Nate ended up hospitalized and Cal went after Fezco but when Cal found out the truth about his son, he seemed to feel freed and stopped worrying about Fezco. Nate has also had his plate full with the Cassie and Maddy drama, so he hasn’t even mentioned Fezco since. Could this really be over or is there more to come?

Will Lexi Admit Her Feelings For Rue?

Lexi and Rue kiss

One of the most prevalent Euphoria theories relates to Lexi Howard’s (Maude Apatow) feelings for Rue. The two have been close since they were kids and there are hints all throughout that Lexi wants to be more than that.

For example, she seems to struggle with her possible sexuality when she practices kissing with Rue and looks heartbroken when Gia suggests Rue is in love with Jules. Season 2 has gone a different route for now, with Lexi forming a tight bond with Fezco. However, this is something that could become prominent again given that Rue is on the rocks with Jules and Lexi is becoming more of a strong vocal person.

Is Nate In Love With Jules?

nate and jules in the euphoria special

For the part, Nate Jacobs has been connected to two girls. He dated Maddy in a highly toxic relationship throughout season 1 and is now in another unhealthy romance with Cassie. However, he also spent a lot of time texting Jules under a fake name in order to blackmail her.

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Although he clearly did terrible things to Jules, it seems like Nate might have true feelings for her in his own twisted way. While concussed and dreaming about Maddy and Cassie, the show cut to quick shots of Jules, indicating that she’s someone he thinks about in that fashion. He also showed a rare kindness by bringing Jules the tape of her and his dad, before also revealing that the stuff he told her through text were things he meant.

Are Rue & Jules Done For Good?

Euphoria Jules and Rue standing and leaning on each other

Season 2 has seen Rue go down her darkest path yet. Her addiction led her to lie to people she loves, gaslight her younger sister, and say horrible things to Ali. When Elliot revealed to Jules that Rue was using again, she told Rue’s mother and all hell broke loose, leading to Rue seemingly hitting rock bottom.

Whether it’s truly rock bottom or not is still to be determined but this could likely spell the official end for the couple. Rue said hurtful things to Jules and though Jules said she knew it was the addiction speaking, you could tell it crushed her. Add in how much it stresses her that Rue’s sobriety sometimes relies on her and the fact that Rue has to take care of herself before being in a relationship and it’s possible that this beloved Euphoria couple is done.

What Will Happen With Rue & The Drug Dealer?

Rue gets ready to pitch her drug dealing plan on Euphoria

As part of Rue’s poor decision-making due to her addiction, she came up with a plan to get drugs from a dealer she met in the premiere. Her plan is never really explained as she never really sold the drugs and instead did some of them herself.

The dealer was clear that she would do horrible things to Rue if she didn’t get her money. Rue got her some of the money but not all of it and she has no idea where the rest of the drugs are. Will the dealer truly put Rue’s life in danger for this? She already got drugged by her and was left in a terrifying situation but it could get worse if payment isn’t made.

Is Rue Going To Die?

Zendaya as Rue in Euphoria

With addiction being a sickness, it’s safe to say that Rue will never not be an addict. Her relapse at the end of season 1 proved to be the start of another rough patch for her, with season 2 showing her going further and further in her efforts to get her hands on drugs. The show has also flashed back to her saying that she doesn’t plan on being around that long and she’s mentioned thinking about suicide a lot.

There have been theories since season 1 that Rue is actually dead and narrating the series from the grave, which could come from an overdose. Only time will tell if that’s actually the case but the evidence is piling up that this could be the case even if it is hard to picture this show without Zendaya.

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