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How To Free Fire Diamonds Generator 2023 No hUMAN Verification

Free Fire Diamond Generator 2023

Free Fire Diamonds

Get the new Free Fire Diamond Hack App 2023 to Generate and Top-Up unlimited Free Diamonds up to 99999 without top-up. Learn how to obtain free Google Play Redeem Codes without investing money using these 100% working methods. You can also learn the free Diamond Generator App without Human Verification.

Free Fire Diamond Generator 2022
Free Fire Diamond Generator 2023

Early on, Garena Free Fire gave away Free Diamonds for watching Rewarded Ads or making Booyahs. But today, there is no such way for getting Free Diamonds. The only options you have are Top-Up. As a result, most players are searching for the most reliable 50000 Diamond Hack without human verification. Well, is it Possible?

Well, it is possible. If you use some clever tricks, you can get up to 1000 to 10000 Diamonds free of cost. The newly released Lulu box app Free Diamonds does not require using any free diamond apps, websites, or websites. For your benefit, we have provided all the possible tricks, along with their pros and cons. So, please read all the information carefully. Hence, without wasting time, let’s jump straight into our main topic.

New Tricks for Free Fire Diamond Hack in December 2023

Garena Free Fire is the most downloaded e-sports game in the world. The Game originated in Singapore and was developed by Sea Limited. Following PUBG’s ban in India, Free Fire Game became the single largest battleground game. Within one month, the core players of PUBG suddenly shifted to Free Fire. Due to the love and engagement of Indian players, Garena has become a worldwide success. Due to the regular updates, enhanced features, global collaboration, and global and local events with exciting rewards, players are not shifting to BGMI.

Free Fire Diamond
Free Fire Diamond

I know you have landed here to learn the latest working Free Diamond Hack tricks. So that, you can earn lots of Free Diamonds in your Free Fire ID without having to top up your account. Don’t worry, I will definitely help you to get Free Diamonds, but before that, you should know the truth and reality of the Diamond Generator.

Now the question is, why is everyone looking for diamonds? Basically, Diamond is the Free Fire in-game currency, which can be used to purchase anything in the Garena Free Fire Store. In order to buy DJ Alok Character Free or any weapons, you will need to spend Diamonds from your wallet.

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As per a study, most of the Free Fire Players belong to the 18-30 age range. The younger generation has a lower income than the older generation. They are mainly dependent on their parents for money. Hence, they get less money to spend on Free Fire Diamond Top-up. But there is a need for diamonds. So, they look for tricks for getting Free Diamonds in their FF ID.

How to Get Free Diamonds in Free Fire?

If you want to generate 50000 free diamonds for free, I would like to tell you that no one can generate such a massive amount of FF Diamonds for free. Yet, there are tricks you can use to earn 10000 Free Diamonds without doing a Top-Up, such as the Booyah App. As promised, we have compiled different Hacking Tricks for you. The following are the steps you can follow and apply for Free Diamond Generation.

Free Fire Airdrop Hack Method

I hope you are also waiting for Rs.10 or Rs.29 FF Airdrops. This airdrop comes with 100-999999 free diamonds in the package. Apart from this, you can get pets, Free Characters, Gun Screat, Glow Wall Skins, Emotes, bundles, and many different rare items. You can check the Airdrop bundle offer by opening the offer section in your App.

The only problem with this trick is that each player does not receive the Airdrop offer of Rs.10 or Rs.29. But using the below-mentioned tricks, you can get the Airdrop Bundle in your Free Fire ID. You can use the following FF diamond script to claim Rs.10 Airdrop Diamonds for Free.

  • First of all, sign out of your primary Free Fire account on your mobile device.
  • Now create a new Garena account using a separate Google Account or Facebook Account.
  • You should play at least 20 clash quad matches and make Boyea in every game.
  • While playing the game, you will get Rs.10 and Rs.29 airdrops in your brand-new account.
  • Now you can purchase the Rs.10 Airdrops for just Rs.10 or Rs.29.
  • It will credit 300 free diamonds to your newly created FF account.
  • Repeat the same process and buy 2-3 airdrops in your new account.
  • After getting 1000 diamonds, you can transfer all the diamonds to your primary FF ID.

Nicoo App Free Fire Download

Players always like Free stuff in Garena Free Fire. But it is very difficult for players to know the right procedure. Let me tell you, there is a secret Application called Nicoo Mobile App for Gamers like you. If you like to play the FF Game using Colored Skins, and items then, you can try this amazing Application. This App helps you get Free Diamonds, Skins, and other Premium items without any cash.

If you never used the Nicoo Mobile Application, follow our Guide to Install the App and Play Free Fire Game. To help you more, we have published a detailed explanation in a separate Post. Also, we have given the download link for the Nicoo App there. So, after this post, you can click on the button below and get more details.

FF Call Back Friends Free Diamond

At the moment, Garena Free Fire is offering a promotional campaign called Call Back Friends. Players need to call back or invite friends to the Free Fire gaming platform using a special invitation link. Once your mission is completed you will be awarded some exciting rewards as follows:

Free Fire Diamonds
Free Fire Diamonds
Call Back 1 Friend Free 1x battel Royal Voucher and 1x Battel in style create
Call Back 3 Friends Free 2x Weapon Royale Voucher and 3x Battle in Style Crate
Call Back 5 Friends Free 5x Weapon Royale Voucher and 5x Battle in Style Crate
Call Back 7 Friends Free 7x Weapon Royale Voucher and 7x Battle in Style Crate

Additionally, you can get 199999x free diamonds, 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, and 5x yellow blocks for free.

Get 10000 Diamonds from Booyah App

Booyah app is the official live streaming and content management app by Garena. In this app, you can create a creator channel and upload your finest performance videos. Now the question is, what is the relation between the Booyah app and Free Diamond?

Well, Garena is officially running a free campaign known as Blue Zone Champion for top Free Fire Performers. You can see the banner of this offer on the home screen of the app. There will be five winners at this event. The winners will get diamonds for free. The reward distribution is as follows:

  1. 1st Winner: 3000 Free Diamonds
  2. 2nd Winner: 2000 Free Diamonds
  3. 3rd Winner: 1500 Diamonds
  4. 4th Winner: 1200 Diamonds
  5. 5th Winner: 800 Diamonds

You have to install the Booyah App> Login using your Facebook Account> Click on the Blue Zone Champion Banner> and Upload your video clip. Apart from this, you can visit the Limited-Time Mission or Daily Mission section. Complete the assigned tasks. Get free diamond rewards.

Well, apart from these offers, you also get Free Fire 10000 Diamonds Hack for free from the online streamers by watching their online streams and completing the specified tasks. Here is the proof:

I don’t know the streamer’s name but when I visited the Booyah App Home Page, I found the live streaming on the home screen. He was offering flat 800Rs Diamonds to most of the users. If you watch their stream and participate in their game, you could generate 99,999 free Diamonds.

Free Diamonds using Google Play Credits

Well, Google Play Gift Cards are the most preferred way for every player, for instance, FF Diamonds Generation. But it is very difficult to hack the Play Store Codes. But here we will you how you can get Free Play Store credit and earn thousands of Diamonds.

Guy’s, Google Play is offering free Gaming credits. You can check these codes from the Notification section of the Google Play Store or visit the My Account section else by clicking the Offer tab from the bottom menu of the Play Store. If you want to get Free kinds of Stuff in FF, then Claim the Play Store Credits.

If you do not find any Google Play Credits in your account, then check your Friend’s Google Play Account and Claim their rewards into your account.

Claim Free Diamonds and Coins using Rewards Point

Do you know, bank credit rewards for your every online transaction through Debit Card, and Credit Card? If you have a bank account and use your Debit Cards online, then you can claim free Google Play rewards of a minimum of Rs.200/-. Let me tell you how.

If you have an account on State Bank of India, then create an account using your Debit or Credit Card at SBI Rewardz. After creating the account, you will see the available rewards point in your account. Redeem the entire balance to unlock Google Play Voucher.

If you have an account in ICICI, HDFC, Axis, Kotak you can log in to Payback and claim the rewards points. Later, use the Voucher code for Free Fire Diamond Top-Up.

Apart from this, you can sign up and create an account at Payback.in and start using the issued cards while purchasing at various online/offline stores. This will generate reward points in your payback account. You can use the amount for Free Diamonds Generator at Free Fire.


TT Chat Pro is one of the most amazing mobile applications after Nicoo App. Some of you may like trending and cool colors and look. For which you need to spend lots of money and Diamonds from your wallet. But if you install the TT Chat App along with Free Fire Apk, you can unlock these free color full Skins and save Diamonds for Free.

You Guys may not aware of the new Free Fire Diamond Hack App called TT Chat Pro App. This is a new alternative app for Lulubox and Nicoo App. You can install the application and start using premium Gun Skins, Dress Skins, and many other premium features.

Double Diamond with Games Kharido

If you are planning for Diamond Top-up in the future, we would like to tell you some tricks. Now you can generate more FF Diamonds if you do the same using different Diamond Top Up Web Apps.

The best option to top up a diamond in Free Fire is the Games Kharido portal. You can access this portal www.gameskharido.in the web address. When you top up a diamond from Games Kharido for the puzzle bar, you’ll get double diamonds directly credited to your Free Fire account.

Free Top-Up Methods

The Free Fire Store has many items. Some players spend money to purchase diamonds. However, most players look for Free Fire Diamond generator hacked app. But I would like to notify you that, if you do so, your Free Fire ID will be banned by Garena. Hence, you must be aware of this. There are so many different tricks that you can use to earn a massive number of Diamonds free.

FieWin App Open and Earn

FieWin is a new money-making and online gaming app and website. This app offers Rs.10/- per friend referred. Also, it offers up to Rs.12/- for opening the application and rewards for playing games. You perform multiple tasks every day to gain more rewards. You can withdraw the entire winning amount and purchase Free Fire Diamonds free of cost.

Steps to Join FieWin App (Still Working)

  1. First of all, visit the FieWin portal using the referral link.
  2. Use your Mobile Number along with E-Mail Id to Create an Account.
  3. Verify your Mobile number to get an instant Rs.10/- Credit balance.
  4. Earn Daily of Rs.15/- using Daily Check-in Button.
  5. Also, get more rewards by inviting your friends.

Free Google Play Redeem Codes

Following is the list of Google Play Gift card vouchers. You can copy the following code one by one and redeem it in your account. Later, use them to purchase Free Fire Diamonds. Grab As soon As Possible. If you cannot redeem the code or it shows Already Redeemed, visit again tomorrow, get newly updated Gift Card codes. The first visitors will be able to claim. Here we have provided some Free Fire Diamond hack codes. Updated Last Time 1 day ago.

  1. 87U8-F0K6-AGA7-PS1G
  2. 02Y0-7GF5-X5N8-7UJY
  3. 4S1A-S01X-ZPBN-TLDR
  4. 36LU-ZH1C-PEUU-WH7X
  5. OI8O-PLK8-9OWS-T5GT

Click Here for More Gplay Codes

The Redeem Code printed in the above image is available for redemption. If you are seeing it for the first time then try this one before leaving this page.

Voucher Code Amount
BZ6WCFH3E884X9GU Rs.10
JZXCTP31AMTY9548 ₹ 10
DZDPFKY92YZ82V8C ₹ 100
812G7T5VU07NDUBT ₹ 80
78V5R0SCD9NTVF5C Rs.10
B7A9HP5B04XH4FKT ₹ 80
ESFV60B76XF33KKB ₹ 30
3ZT17N1E380W59A5 ₹ 10
7AMLKZ5T3GATV9B5 ₹ 160
9B84PA8ZJJGZ6PNS ₹ 250
89DBRE73DRG5269X ₹ 10
C6XTY3SY0WBBN903 Rs.10
C717SL2UTC3LGU3A Rs.10

Put your E-mail ID in the box below to get an E-mail Notification about Play Store Codes.

Free 50000 Diamonds Generator App 2023

Garena Free Fire Gamers are looking for 50000- 99999 free diamonds. Practically, it is not possible. But by applying some hacking tricks, you can generate up to 100000 free diamonds code. But be serious about your Free Fire ID cancellation. If Garena finds any fault or illegal activity, your FF Id may get suspended.

Free Fire MOD Apk

The Free Fire Mod APK is the best trick for Garena FF Diamond Hack. Some people are trying to beat others by using the MOD APK.

Here, we want to inform you that 99% of Mod Apk is a Modified Version of the original Apk. You will find many faults and bugs Which will create danger for you. Hackers can steal your data. Also, Garena May Ban your ID. So, it would be best if you do not use Free Fire hack Mod Apk. Complete Details and Apk file are described in the link below.

Lulubox Free Fire Diamond Trick

The lulu box free fire diamond is now getting trendy in India. The Lulubox provides Free Fire Skin, Stickers, and lots more. It is not recommended for you use the Lulubox for Diamond hack. But with the help of this app, you can get Free Character Skinks. The Lulubox Apk was last modified on 23 December 2022.

To keep you updated we have created a Telegram Channel for you. Where we regularly post the latest offers, Deals, Daily Redeem Code notifications, and lots more. For More Tricks and Tips Join our Telegram Channel Now.