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How to select the right platform to sell your tickets online?

Organizing Events is a headache but you are ready to take that headache because you love event organizing.There are 100s of decisions you make on a daily basis for event organizing.Right from naming events ,deciding on the target attendees ,financial of events etc.But one of the most crucial decision that will affect the financial success of the event is selecting right event partner.Why is it important? Let’s discuss.

Importance of right event partner

Where are you going to sell tickets? Who is going to boost your event revenue?You know the amount of efforts and time it takes in selling tickets.But having a event partner who can take away half of your headaches is a blessing.Event partners have teams that are specialized in marketing and sales promotions of events.These functionality of event partners helps in boosting your sales revenue and thus saving your time and resources.

Selecting Right Event Partner

There are several factors that you should consider while choosing an event partner.We will be discussing the top three factors which are crucial and affect your business the most.These include pricing policy and methods of event partners, marketing support provided by them,and the payment policy and method of event partner.Let’s talk about each of them in detail.

Pricing :

The first and foremost factor that is going to affect your profitability and decision making is the pricing of an event partner. Different event platforms follow different pricing models. Some levy charges only for the transactions taking place on the platform while others charge an additional fee for each ticket along with transaction charges. This increases the overall price of tickets and this may even affect the potential of revenue.

Marketing Support:

Marketing activities drive the sales of tickets for your event. It is not everyone’s cup of tea to decide the effective marketing strategy for your event.If your event partner provides marketing support such as email promotion,lead generation,follow-up with potential attendees.These activities are significant for overall success of the event. The marketing team can also provide you insights on defining the marketing communication messages, deciding sales promotional strategies and much more.Its a blessing to have marketing support from your event partner.


How are your customers going to buy tickets?How many currencies are accepted by your event partner? These are really crucial questions that you should know the answers to before deciding your event partner.If your event is for global communities,then it is important that your event partner accepts a wide range of currencies.And most importantly how are you going to get your payment from the event partner?Some event partners keep your money generated through ticket sales for a certain duration and this affects your accounts.Look for event partners that send money directly into your bank accounts without keeping the money with them.


It is an easy and cost effective way to sell tickets with the help of partners. So, never miss out on that opportunity.

By now you must be clear on the evaluation of event partners.Once you evaluate event partners based on the above criteria, you will get your right partner.Now you can sit back and enjoy while your event partner puts efforts to sell tickets for you.

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