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IBD Live Q&A And Two Key Stock Lists For Feb. 25, 2022


Could you take a look at IPI this morning ? Good points by the team on option spreads, Mark; I’d trade the stock too, not the option, unless you use limit orders only and you get lucky w/ your fills. ALL HAPPENING. Nice upbeat tune to start the day. It was a nice new piece of waitroom music, Mike. Hope all’s well w/ you! Good Morning! Happy Friday! When does the stock of the day come out and where does it appear? Hi! Usually a few hours after the session starts, timing depends on the day. But if you have the IBD app on your mobile device and have notifications enabled, we send out a push alert for that story every day as soon as it’s out! You’ll also see it on the homepage of investors.com every day as well GM IBD Gang. Great seeing you Scott. Looking forward to your market take! A wild ride for sure but opportunities will be presenting themselves! Thanks 🙂 Where has Ken been? Taking personal time off. Good Morning IBD Live and Friends! Hi Shane! Hi Chris – how do growth stocks like DDOG or UPST look to buy early here? Would it make sense to take a stab at some of these? Rachel will talk about DDOG, which looks better than UPST because it’s above a rising 200-day. My issue with DDOG is that it’s a high PE stock in a value market. I will wait for UPST. It will likely take months (or years) for it to set up. GM IBD Live! Great to see Scott this AM, let’s roll! Thanks 🙂 Good morning team! GM Mark! DSC in the house!! Woohoo!!! Hi James! We’ve got another great panel in the house! Just glad to be in the dark ops today. Like the chart on MEOH which Chris mentioned yesterday. Possible SwingTrader stock? I wish but it doesn’t have enough liquidity. We typically look at stocks with more than $100 million in dollar volume. Good morning – thoughts oN LMT? GM Judith; good action indeed. After a strong move from Nov, LMT took a well-deserved rest, and UKR-RUS is def adding impetus. I see 395.70 as a valid handle buy point on this long saucer. Buy zone goes up to 415.48. Scott I would like to hear your thoughts on the RS Blue line cross over and up as a tool to an a early buy point. It has a consitent pattern of the line crossing in the base break out bon the rightside march to the pivot. live answered GM from Cape Cod. GM Phil; nice to hear you’ve started your golf season early! Tomorrow going w/ friends to the Nay shorter golf course at Brookside in Pasadena, right next to the Rose Bowl. Haven’t been at that golf complex in 17, 18 yrs. Dave. Missed the construction rental ticket No worries, check out HRI; HRI, Herc, is new to the top 10 within the IBD 50; up 11% in heavy vol on Thu. Rachel, your hair looks beautiful. Must be Olaplex working 🙂 I must agree w/ you Kay! Good morning, don’t see Thursday’s Market School commentary in Leaderboard Hi Jeff, Justin had a family matter to attend, so we hope he’ll be able to update the commentary soon. Good morning everyone! Daiwa upgraded TSLA as it plans another plant near its existing one in China. live answered Would you consider this 3 waves down? I think Scott, Chris and I would agree that we’ve just seen 2 waves down so far from the November peak. From IBD’s perspective, was yesterday Day 1 of a rally Yes what did Chris bought yesterday missed Chris highlighted MEOH and NOG on the long side; this morning he noted LYV as a new personal buy after it got added to SwingTrader. https://swingtrader.investors.com/#/ I once told Bill I “Thought” a day was short covering. He growled at me and said “so what” LOL, very believable story. Sort of true SQ…? Didn’t have time to cover this in the news segment; surely a great reaction to Block’s Q4 results; Emily Bary at Barron’s highlighted upbeat outlook for current quarter and in 2022. She wrote: The company’s Square seller business generated a fourth-quarter gross profit of $657 million, while its Cash App business saw gross profit of $518 million. Analysts tracked by FactSet were anticipating $631 million in seller gross profit and $503 million in Cash App gross profit. LMT ready? Breaking out this week for sure. 395.70 entry in a handle on that long saucer base. SQ up 22% today Let’s see if a bottoming process has started What does it actually mean to cover your shorts? Does it mean selling your puts or closing your short position? Closing out the short sale, buying the stock back checkpoint breaking out live answered CHKP NH live answered is there an entry here? live answered CHKP live answered Correct me if I’m wrong, but all these potenially actionable stocks in thi market is really worthless until we have real confirmation of market direction? Correct! CHKP lacks 0MUTI sponsorship, is that a problem? Good Q, Tom; the stock has been around a long time, so, more than 1,200 mutual funds currently; that number has not grown as much since 2020, but still a lot of funds that could increase their stakes. There are a number of A-rated funds that own shares, from the Fidelity, MFS fund families and Reynolds Blue Chip Growth. Thoughts on ABBV.. Up ratio 1.9, Dividen 3.9% live answered Second day having trouble logging in to Live. Problems with the site??? The panelists didn’t have any issues today. Hmmm, maybe if you restart the computer, would that have helped? We def had sitewide issues on Thu. Scott Sinclair, the CANSLIM rebell! Ha ha! Charts not working again today live answered Chris, How do you rate “SEAS” in the same group as “Live Nation”? Very similar action. You could start a position here. How about BX, breaking trend to upside and moving above 50 day Good action for sure today; justifies its place on the Leaderboard watchlist for now. Not sure if simply Blackstone represents best of breed in alternative investments, or if the likelihood that slower rate hikes could offer a boost. Where was that video about the 5M chart in TOS? On the IBD Live FAQ page? If it’s not on that page yet, check the IBD Live highlights playlist at investors.com/videos Where can I find the video on TOS ? For the setting alerts when a stock takes out the high of the prior bar: https://www.investors.com/videos/how-to-identify-intraday-reversals-by-setting-custom-alerts/ anybody else having truble pulling up Leaderboard charts this morning? Not working for me. Asked the team to alert the developers. Chris, how can we asses liquididy vs our trading size positions? Any factors agains dollar volume recommended? My experience with thinner stocks has not been good over the years. I prefer to go with more liquidity. Usually the big winners have plent of dollar volume before they make their moves. How can Scott be stopped out today – there is not much price swings today ????? Which stock? GLD? GLD —– How can Scott be stopped out today – there is not much price swings today ????? I ain’t waiting for 7-8% Love your openess Scott, the brutal truth is what we all need! 🙂 thanks Looking at GLD, I guess if Scott when long and got stoped out today, that must be a crazy tight stop? less than1%? the futures market in gold had much more range than GLD does as it does not trade 24 hours. gold was up a lot last night and came back giving back the move so I got stopped Your customer success CHAT – not staffed adaquately. Very estended response time with yesterdays issues – no response 1 hr after it should have been open this morning. So sorry to hear that. Calling is likely the most effective way RIO up in volume, many tangible assests there LOL 🙂 Could you put a link in the FAQ page to the video about Settings for Moving Averages and RS Line please, I think it would be a good reference for a lot of MS users. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gs5cFZiZm-Q What do I search for to find Ali’s video on using RS averages? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gs5cFZiZm-Q ZIM is moving but is extended live answered what is good in health care names? any? ABBV but it’s extended Ali, That’s not the right link to video about the 5M chart in TOS. This one is on RS. https://www.investors.com/videos/how-to-identify-intraday-reversals-by-setting-custom-alerts/ Really like diverse opinions like Scott and Rachel. Thank you for so many good diverse opinions. live answered Any update on the Uranium theme? Hope we cover soon XLP XLU both up over 2%, a lot for these slow pokes True, some bargain hunting? Plus a reaction to interest rates too, possibly. tnahk you have a good weekend live answered Good show thanks live answered Good show! Thanks, guys! live answered Thank you everyone. live answered Thanks all. Have a great weekend! live answered Great weekend everyone! live answered

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